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Ben Watson Press Conference Quotes - 1/30/2008

New England Patriots TE Ben Watson addresses the during his press conference at Patriots Super Bowl XLII headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 30, 2008.


Patriots' TE Ben Watson talks with members of the media on Wednesday morning at the Patriots' Super Bowl team headquarters.
Photo: Jason Dalrymple

(on the Giants defense)
"Well, the Giants got a good defense. They're playing really well. They played really well their first game. I'm really impressed with their first four. I mean, their secondary and the linebackers they have got are good too, but have they got some great pass rushers up front. "

(on the Plaxico Burress prediction from yesterday)
"I mean, he should have confidence in his team. He's playing well. You know we don't make predictions, but I can't keep him from making one. Hopefully, we will see what happens on Sunday though."

(on Randy Moss not getting a lot of action in the previous playoff games)
"The only Randy Moss I know is the one that's been on the field, the one I know is a guy who has seen players. The guy who's a leader and the guy who you know... makes a lot of plays. You know, but when it's not his time to make plays he's the first one there to congratulate you when you make the plays. You know, I think at this point all of us, no matter who makes the most catches in this game, all of us want a chance to win."

(on having an experienced Super Bowl team)
"It makes a difference that we know what's going happen this week and everything...but you know at this point I don't think anything matters. You know the Giants are playing well. They're in New York, a big media market. They know what it means to play under pressure, in the same manner you know that Super Bowl is. So at this point, we need to just go out there and see who plays better."

(on what it is like to play in the Super Bowl again)
"I don't even know. Because I was here in '04, and I had an ACL and I couldn't even play, so this is going to be my first time playing in it... It's just amazing. The thing it taught me though, is you can't get too excited though because of the timeline. There is a lot of dead time you know with Super Bowls. You know so you don't want to get too excited to fast. I mean how do you tell a guy not to get excited going to the Super Bowl for the first time? It's going to be really fun."

(on his family and upbringing keeping him grounded)
"Because I was taught at a young age that all your success, everything, all your money, everything you have is going to burn up one day. None of this is going to be forever. I mean in five years, nobody is going to remember that the Patriots went to the Super Bowl and played the Giants. I mean, nobody's going to care. So, what really matters in this case is the internal things. You know, what you do for your family? What you do for the Lord? Where you are? Where you going to be after you leave this earth? That's what's important, so for me it kind of puts it all in perspective. You know you don't get too carried away with stuff because you realize that there is a lot more to life than football."

(on what he wants to do beyond football)
"I don't know yet. My degree is in finance from the University of Georgia, so I have always had an interest in that. I have an interest in going into the ministry sometimes. You know, there are a lot of different things. I don't know what the plan is after this, but I am sure I'll find out when the time is right."

(on what his dad is saying to him this week)
"That he is proud of me, proud that I have a chance to play. He is telling me don't get hurt in practice, so I can make sure I can make it to the game. They'll be here on Saturday, so it's important."

(on what it was like when he was hurt in his first team appearance at the Super Bowl)
"It was tough. You're right, because you never know when you are going to get another chance to play in the game, get a chance to be on a team like it was kind of bitter sweet. I mean I came to the league with a lot of expectations for myself, wanted to play and then to have the ACL so quickly and miss the whole year. It was kind of devastating, but everything happens for a reason. And like we talked about before, time goes on. And now its four years later, and I have a chance to play. And I'm not even thinking about missing that game."

(on playing the Giants again)
"It's a totally different game. There are some guys who weren't playing that are playing and via versa on both sides. It's a totally different situation, so granted we played against each other before and we kind of know each other now a little bit. But, there's a lot more on the line now. It's a different situation, so it doesn't matter too much that we played each other."

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