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Ben Watson talks with Sirius NFL Radio

Ben Watson discussed his change of agents with Sirius NFL Radio.

Ben Watson on Sirius NFL Radio with Steve Cohen and Cris Carter

Steve Cohen: Hey Ben we just got the report that you severed your ties with Tom Condon…we just wanted to ask you what was the latest and if that was true why you elected to go in a different direction?

Ben Watson: "Yes, that is true. Tom and I just had some philosophical differences about the contract and just about where we wanted to go with this. So I did severe ties with Tom and currently going to be represented by Pat Dye Jr.".

Cris Carter: Now is New England trying to slot you as a second round pick given that you were the 32nd choice...because the league has expanded to the 32 teams?

Watson: "Nah…they're not trying to slot me as a second round pick…the big deal with the contract was the length. The Patriots were trying to sign me you for the next six years, so that was the big issue with our contract negotiations so far".

Steve Cohen: Ben how difficult has this been for you because I know you're just chomping at the bit to get into camp and to join the defending world champions?

Watson: "It's been really difficult for me just sitting out trying to work out on my own, trying to stay in shape knowing that everyday I'm getting behind and then having to watch these pre-season games when I was hoping that it would be my first NFL game coming up today, but you know everything happens for a reason and I'm just working as hard as I can to get to camp".

Cris Carter: Can I give you some advise…the little bit of money that you might miss out on by holding out two or three week it's probably not going to be worth it, because after you play ten years in the league you'll look back on it and be like wow that was fairly insignificant…just get there with your teammates…and we look forward to you having a great career…

Watson: "Thanks for the advice Cris".

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