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Best of Stephon Gilmore's informal Twitter Q&A

Stephon Gilmore answered his followers' burning questions this weekend on Twitter.

For the most part, Stephon Gilmore lays low on social media. He's an occasional tweeter, but he ramped it up this weekend to answer his fans burning questions. 

On Saturday, Stephon took to Twitter looking to kill some time and told his followers they could ask him whatever they wanted.  He asked, and then he answered.

From his favorite pregame meal to his big offseason plans, Stephon answered whatever his followers threw at him. Check out some of the highlights from the informal Q&A below. 

Funniest teammate

This awesome Tom Brady story

An offseason vacation for the books

Respect for his former team's fan base

Best part of playing in New England

The best Disney movie (as if there's any other option)

Favorite game of the year

On his teammate Patrick Chung

Finally, the atmosphere in New England summed up

Here's to hoping there's more of this kind of social media action this offseason. You can check out more of what Stephon had to say on his Twitter page. 

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