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Best of Tom Brady's China and Japan trip

Catch the highlights from Tom's trip to China and Japan.

The Patriots have gone international this offseason. With Robert Kraft leading a trip to Israel and Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola roaming the streets of Mexico, it has been a fun game of "Where in the world are your Patriots?" this summer. 

And of course, we can't forget Tom Brady's epic adventure in China and Japan. He's back in a America after several days of exploring both countries, learning about their cultures and spreading the love of football with fans of all ages. Tom and his son Jack truly got a one-of-a-kind experience across the globe.

The trip kicked off in China, where Tom took in the Great Wall. Of course, he couldn't resist using it as his own personal practice field.

In both Shanghai and Tokyo, Tom helped to be an ambassador to the game of football by hosting clinics. Without skipping a beat, fans poured in with "GOAT" signs as if it were a fall night in Foxborough.

While Tom relied on his trusted arm to connect with fans in both countries, he also stepped well out of his comfort zone to take on new experiences. He tried out some martial arts moves and met with young fans that play the game in China. He also accepted new challenges. Brush in hand, Tom practiced the art of calligraphy and learned the most important sign of all: victory. 


Though he was able to walk away from the calligraphy lesson with an impressive piece of art, the true shining moment from the trip was, no surprise, a more athletic feat. In Tokyo, Tom headed to a sumo stable to try his hand at the sport.

After his training, he and Jack went head to head in a Brady v. Brady takedown. For someone with a famous thirst for competition, you can bet Tom didn't take it easy on his son, but it did result in a precious and hilarious video. 

Tom and Jack may be back in America, but we will be relieving these cool, adorable and unique moments for the rest of the offseason. 

You can check out more photos in the gallery below.


Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is on a weeklong promotional tour of China and Japan.

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