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Bets, animal picks and more Super Bowl oddities

Check out the celebrity support, animal bets and funny trash talk leading up to the Super Bowl. 

Super Bowl is a time for greatness. It's also a time of oddities.

Animals across the country "make their picks." City officials place lighthearted bets. Celebrities rock their Patriots gear. It is a glorious, fun and sometimes weird time, but we're here for it. Here are some of the best Super Bowl oddities from the week.

Rickie Fowler, noted Tom Brady fan, made sure he was in his Sunday best, according to the PGA Twitter account.

Then came the animal picks.

A seal at the Maritime Aquarium in Connecticut booped its nose on a Patriots logo, securing a New England pick. Meanwhile in Florida, two manatees also made their Patriots pick, but at the San Francisco Zoo, it was a split decision. Nataani chose Los Angeles, but it should be noted that Nataani is a ram so we smell bias.

A turtle, however, chose the Patriots. The turtle's name? Bump 'n Run. If that sounds familiar that's because it is the Twitter handle of one Stephon Gilmore. It's fate.

While some animals are making their picks, others were emulating the Patriots. In honor of Tom Brady's epic Instagram post with Gronk after the AFC Championship, the folks and animals at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut turned up "Bad Boys for Life" and made their own version. It's pretty awesome.

Locally, Patriots fans have gone all out to support their team. From a sign at the Walpole Police Department to an epic "Beat L.A." on the slopes of Berkshire East, New England knows how to show up.

The Maine Department of Transportation posted signs to encourage following the speed limit and sober driving, but they had their own Super Bowl twist to them. With signs like "Be the Tom Brady of driving," Maine drivers certainly know what is expected of them.

Rhode Island drivers were also treated to Patriots spirit on the roads, with a bridge light up in Patriots colors and a "Still Here" billboard.

At Boston University, a chef free-handed a flying Elvis on a big sheet cake, and it is mesmerizing to watch.

When one thinks of the Museum of Fine Arts, one thinks of dignified culture, but as it turns out, the MFA isn't above throwing down for their team. The MFA entered the ring of the Museum Bowl yet again, challenging the J. Paul Getty Museums in Los Angeles to a fine arts smackdown.

It's truly hilarious.

From city trash talk to zoo animals making picks like they're in Vegas, we love all the chaos and support that comes along with the Super Bowl.

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