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Bill Belichick appears on Tom Brady's "Let's Go" SiriusXM podcast

The Patriots head coach was part of a special group of guests joining Tom Brady's first "Let's Go" podcast since announcing his retirement.


Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was part of an all-star cast that joined the SiriusXM podcast “Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray" on Monday evening, the show's first episode since Brady announced his retirement last week.

"The greatest player, the greatest career," Belichick said. "A great, great person. It was such an opportunity and an honor for me to coach Tom. I guess it's gotta end at some point. But it's the greatest one ever. So, congratulations, Tom."

Brady's parents, as well as former teammate Rob Gronkowski and former rivals Peyton Manning and Patrick Mahomes were among the other guests to join the program, but Belichick's appearance took top billing as the coach and quarterback shared their appreciation for each other as well as insight into what made their relationship work.

"For me, there's nobody I'd rather be associated with," said Brady. "From my standpoint, I think it's always such a stupid conversation to say, 'Brady vs. Belichick' because, in my mind, that's not what a partnership is about. Coach couldn't play quarterback and I couldn't coach. In my view, people were always trying to pull us apart. I don't think we ever felt like that with each other. We never were trying to pull each other apart. We actually were always trying to go in the same direction."

"I learned so much from Tom because, as you know, I never played quarterback and I never saw the game through the quarterback's eyes," Belichick said. "I saw it through a coach's eyes. And what Tom would tell me that he saw and how he saw it, it was incredible how during the game, he'd come off and I'd say, 'What happened on that play?' And he'd go through eight things that happened: tackle flash in front of me; this guy slipped; I saw the linebacker drop wide; safety was a little deeper than I thought he would be; and then this guy stepped in front and I kind of put it a little bit behind him because I saw this other guy closing. And then you'd go back and look at the film, and every one of those things happened in the exact sequence that he explained it to you on the field. I'm like, 'This guy sees everything.'"

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Brady and Belichick's 20-year relationship has remained a popular topic since the two parted ways just over three years ago with 2021's matchup between the Patriots and Buccaneers serving as a post-dynasty highlight. Now, with Brady finally hanging them up, it appears both coach and quarterback have the proper perspective on what they accomplished together and an appreciation for how special it was.

Belichick's surprise appearance on the podcast was a nice way to kick off the next chapter for both of them.

"I think that's one thing I appreciate about Coach Belichick in life: He's not afraid to have a hard conversation," Brady said. "We didn't always agree, but we always respected each other. I know he respected me for the job that I did and I certainly did the same. I think even when you go away from each other, you respect each other probably that much more. I certainly did because I realized the commitment he was trying to make to get our team to win."

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