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Bill Belichick Conference Call - 9/21/2010

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his conference call at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday, September 21, 2010. BB: OK, we're onto Buffalo here, another big game in the division.

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his conference call at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday, September 21, 2010.

BB: OK, we're onto Buffalo here, another big game in the division. It's definitely a long way to go in the season, but we really don't want to fall too far behind here in these division games. It's an important one and we don't want to be in a hole here. As usual, Buffalo's really good in the kicking game. They have some very explosive guys as returners, good specialists - good punter, good kicker, good returners. That can change field position. [Buffalo has] very explosive skill players on offense like we used to see from Buffalo. All three backs are dangerous receivers. You have to be careful anytime any one of those guys gets the ball in their hands. They're tough. Defensively, they play very competitively - physical secondary, big guys up front... [Kyle] Williams, [Marcus] Stroud. [Dwan] Edwards has always given us problems. Buffalo has [Reggie] Torbor back now, so strong inside at the linebacker group, and then they have a good, experienced group of guys there on defense. They run well. They're tough. They played Miami right down to the wire in a really competitive game, did a good job against Green Bay - and then, in the third quarter, it kind of got away from them a little bit. But, they played really competitively there for three quarters. They're pretty close to winning. They really are. I know they didn't get it done the first two weeks, but they're pretty close.

Q: Do you have any update on the injury status of Kevin Faulk?

BB: No I don't.

Q: Could Danny Woodhead project into that third-down back role as he was with the Jets?

BB: Yes, that's exactly what he did. He actually made [the Jets] as a receiver and played kind of in between receiver and a sub back for the Jets. I'd say that's the type of player he is, yes.

Q: How much have you had to work with him since he signed on Saturday?

BB: He came in Saturday and signed the contract, took a physical, and we were already in New York by the time he got in here.

Q: To clarify, have you not been updated on Kevin Faulk, or do you not have an update for us?

BB: They're still working on it. I think part of it is kind of how things come around here in the next day or so. It's been... we're not even 48 hours out yet, so we'll see how things go in the next day or so. Then, they said that based on how that is, then we make a decision at that point.

Q: Could Julian Edelman project into a role of possibly replacing Kevin Faulk?

BB: That role is a lot more than having the ball in your hands. Kevin is in there a lot of plays when he doesn't have it in his hands - blocking, blitz pickup, formation. It's not just handling the ball. We'll try to put together a game plan that we can use to utilize all of our players and give ourselves the best chance to deal with the issues and the problems that Buffalo presents, which are numerous. However that turns out will be whatever we feel is our best chance this week against Buffalo.

Q: Going into Sunday, what are your thoughts on C.J. Spiller and the slow start he has gotten off to?

BB: I think he's very dangerous. You can see that any time he has his hands on the ball. Whether it be on offense or in the return game, he's really tough with the ball in his hands - very quick, fast, a hard guy to get to. He makes a lot of people miss, so he's a dangerous guy

Q: How different is it now that Buffalo's special teams coordinator Bobby April is gone?

BB: Well, Bruce [DeHaven] has a long history in the league and he's an excellent coach. I think they do a great job in their kicking game. They are always very competitive. [The special teams] were good in the past and they're good now. But, Bruce has a lot of experience and he's a really good coach and they're sound and solid in what they do. But, to be good in the kicking game, it all starts with the specialists. If the specialists are good, then you have a chance to be good. And I think their specialists are very good. They have a good group of core players. They use a lot of their regular players on the team that - you know, guys like [George] Wilson, and just right on down the line. They have a good group of guys that - [Bryan] Scott - that show up on every team and show up making a lot of plays.

Q: Is two games and preseason enough to scout Buffalo or do you go back into the archives?

BB: Well sure, yeah. We have a background with all those guys - with Bruce [DeHaven], with George [Edwards] with Chan [Gailey] - when they were at their different stops and the things they did. All we have to do is go back through our notes from those games, and put them together and see whether we think things have changed...well, obviously they've changed. I mean, they're a different team, but, - how much of the scheme is the same? How much of the scheme is different? How much of it was based on personnel that Chan had in Kansas City, or whatever. So, it's a compilation of all that information and that's all part of the preparation and just try to figure out what we feel is the best course of action. We'll consider all those things, absolutely.

Q: Tom Brady made a comment last week about the fans being quiet at Gillette Stadium. Do you have a comment on that?

BB: I think Tom [Brady] can speak to... whatever questions you have about his comments, you could ask him about those. I think our fans are supportive. I think that we have a good record in our stadium. I hope we can keep it that way.

Q: Do you ever notice the noise level at Gillette Stadium?

BB: I mean to be honest with you my focus is really on making game decisions. I'm on the headset the whole game trying to listen to our coaches and communicate with them about the adjustments, what's going on in the game and so forth. I mean, I don't want to say I don't hear them. That wouldn't be accurate, but I'm really not as in tune on that as maybe somebody else would be.

Q: Can noise be a factor in disrupting what a visiting team can do at Gillette Stadium?

BB: Yeah definitely. I mean, you have to change your whole cadence system and all that when can't hear. You have to use some type of signaling and silent cadence. You can't communicate at the line of scrimmage. It affects you - if you're the visiting team, on the offensive side of the ball. It affects your punt protection, your communication on field goals, your offensive play calling, audibling, snap count, and so forth. It can vary to different degrees, but that's what it affects. Defensively, when you're playing at home, it affects your defensive communication. It's usually more common on third down, passing downs, two-minute situations - things like that. You know, down on the goal line...times like that when it can get a little bit harder to hear whatever your defensive communication is, then you have to somehow work with that I'd say that's pretty much what every team in the league goes through. If they're at home - it's the defensive communication. And if you're on the road - it's more of an offensive communication issue.

Q: (Clarification on the timeline to make a decision on the injury status of Kevin Faulk...)

BB: Well, the first decision would be on this game, but I don't really have anything to add to it. I don't want to speculate on it. [We will] take it day-by-day as it comes and when it's time to make a decision, we'll make one.

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