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Bill Belichick Interview Transcript - 8/12/2012

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his post-practice interview at Gillette Stadium on n Sunday, August 12, 2012.


BB:So we're back out on the field here after our first game. We have a long week, so it's a good opportunity for us to get a lot of things done here this week: tie up a few lose ends. We have more new installation going in, situations that cover a lot of things like that as well as getting ready, of course, for Philadelphia later on in the week. We have a long week here and then three games in a row, so we don't really have much time after that; we have to get it done this week. This is a big week for us.

Q:It looked like Logan Mankins took another step in his return. What are your thoughts on that?

BB:Yeah, we took him off PUP today and he's taking the next step.

Q:When can he actually get into the action? Is it tomorrow?

BB:It's the same rule for everybody, so two days of shells and then pads.

Q:How pleased are you with what Logan Mankins did this offseason to put himself in this position?

BB:He's worked hard. Nobody has worked harder than Logan. He comes in early, stays late, works hard. We know he's a really tough, dependable guy and he's put a lot into it. He's worked as hard as anybody can.

Q:With 90 guys on the roster right now, you have a lot of guys at each position. How important does competition continue to be during training camp?

BB:This is a big week, this is a big week. As we know, we have the opportunity with Tampa for a couple days down there before the game and then we have to cut [to] 75. Time is running out for whatever moves anybody is going to make; they have to make them.

Q:There are reports out there that you guys worked out Plaxico Burress today. Any comment on that?

BB:No, we work out a lot of players. We just try to know who is available out there. We work and talk to a lot of guys, give them physicals and all that. I'm not going to comment on any of them individually.

Q:Can you assess the wide receiving corps that you have in camp to this stage?

BB:I'd pretty much say the same thing about them as the whole rest of the offense – when you have 10 punts and two turnovers, we have a long way to go.

Q:Any update on Dane Fletcher since Friday?


Q:What have you seen from Jake Bequette? How is he transitioning to the NFL?

BB:Jake has done some good things. Long way to go like all the rookies, but he's done some good things. And some of the responsibilities that we have are a little bit different than what he had in college, but he's a smart guy and he works hard, he's tried to adapt to those. He's getting better.

Q:How nice was it to see Brandon Spikes back on the field today?

BB:It's good to see any players that come back on the field, yeah. It's always good to see players come back on the field, of course.

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