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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conf. - 08/29/2002

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BB:Well I thought that we handled some situations fairly well tonight. Like at the end of the half at the two-minute situation, made a few good situational plays; ran the ball fairly well, we got a little banged up there at corner, (Ben) Kelly got the wind knocked out of him and Jimmy's (Hitchcock) legs tightened up on him a little bit. We were kind of scrambling there to finish up with some of our wide receivers in the secondary and linebackers and so forth but overall I thought we gave a decent effort tonight and still have a lot of things to work on, but the big thing is now our focus is on Pittsburgh. We obviously really need to start gearing up for that one which we will do. That's it nothing really injury wise to report of great significance at this point, I'm sure we'll have some bumps and bruises we'll see where we're at tomorrow.

Q: Could you talk about your defensive performance tonight?

BB: Well we were just out there trying to work on a few things, we ran a couple of things we hadn't run a lot of in the preseason up to that point we're really just concerned with getting our team ready and not that much about what the Redskins are doing, we're just trying to see if we can get ourselves straightened out.

Q: You said you wanted to get a good look at your tight end (Daniel) Graham tonight.

BB: Yeah, Dan got a lot of playing time and he made a couple of nice catches and looked like he might have broke a tackle after he caught the ball so it was good to see him get an opportunity to handle the ball.

Q: Does this mean we won't see Larry Izzo at safety again?

BB: Well, let's hope not. Larry was an emergency guy for us there; we had to use him. We had unfortunately planned that in practice, but it actually came to fruition.

Q: What is your overall assessment of the four exhibition games, where are you now?

BB: We'll find out next Monday night.

Q: That drive that you had with the first unit...

BB: That 15/16 play drive?

Q: Yeah, that one. Is that something that you felt really good about having them finish up?

BB: Yeah, well it's always good to put together a good drive and be able to execute. I think our third down offense was a lot better tonight than it's been in some of the other preseason games. We had some production in the red area, got down there and got in the end zone. Those are things that we wanted to try to improve on, we showed a little bit of improvement tonight, but again the real test will be once we get into the regular season

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