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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conf - 09/22/2002

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BB: Well, that was a wild one. Man, that was a wild one. I just am glad that when it came down to the final kick that Adam is the one kicking it for us. There is nobody that we have more confidence in than him making that last play. It is a good win. This is, as I said all week, this is a real good offensive football team and Kansas City certainly played well today. They had a lot of key plays in the second half. I have to give Dick (Vermiel) and their offensive football team a lot of credit there. We were able to move the ball pretty well and able to put some points up on the board, which is good, and we gave up a few too many there in the end to make it that competitive. But again, I don't want to take anything away from them. They can move the ball, they can run it, they can throw it, and they have a good offensive line. We got off to a real slow start today with all the penalties and all the mistakes that you can make in a game. We had every kind of penalty you could possibly want, and dropped balls and mental errors of defense and mental erros on the kicking game. And we really got off to a slow start there. So that is something we need to do a lot better job of. But all in all, we did come out of here with a win and it was a tough game. I thought we had a couple of guys that really suckered up to go back in there to keep playing and they're tough guys, they've got some bumps and bruises so we have to wait and see how that turns out tomorrow

Q: Bill, without Phifer and Bruschi available to you, how much of a factor did that play in Holmes today?

BB: I am not going to make any excuses. I think we have enough players to go out and and play better defensively. But there is no doubt those guys are good football players, but when they are not out there, somebody else has got to step up and take their job and do a good job. You know, far too many times today we really didn't get it done.

Q: Bill, what was the deal on the first extra punt, the extra point, that direct snap to Walter?

BB: Well, we thought, you know, we thought we could line up an extra point formation and punch it in there. But you know, we didn't. They made a good play. They reacted to it and got us before we got in there. We thought we could, we thought we could get that in there and thought that might give us a little bit of a jump there because we got off to a real slow start and just weren't, weren't playing well in any phase of the game early in the game. But that didn't give us one, so we had to make it up in the score, we made it 15 and went for two there to recover that point.

Q: Bill, did Tedy Bruschi have a setback during the week?

BB: Yes. He practiced the whole week and then over the weekend here after Friday and then yesterday, his shoulder tightened up on him a little bit. And we just took it right down to the wire at game time. But we felt like it was one that he just wouldn't get 100 percent.

Q: When you got Roland in to come back in, Troy Brown is making a big play, you didn't have him in at the end. Was he hurt in the end during the overtime, Troy Brown?

BB: You know, his leg tightened up on him a little bit. I think we have to just see how it is. He did come back in and then it tightened up on him a little bit there when we went back in for the last series. We'll have to see how that turns out.

Q: What about Andruzzi's status?

BB: Same thing. You know, he was blocking and I don't know whether he stepped on somebody or stepped, you know, came down wrong or something. But it was the same thing. I think, you know, when he tried to get up, you know, he wasn't able to do much and I think he is just --

Q: Were you surprised, Coach, in all the penalties that you had; especially in the first half, you had, I think, 11 in the first half alone?

BB: Yes. That is not anything that we are looking for. We had them all. We had them in the kicking game. We had they on offense. We had them on defense. We had personal fouls, late hits, all that crap. It gives them field position, it gives them second opportunities and it takes away plays that we had, so none of that is acceptable. None of that is what we are looking for. Just real poor sloppy football and we paid for it.

Q: Bill, was part of their ability to get pressure on Brady, was that because you went with an empty backfield a lot of times, had a lot of guys out?

BB: No. You know, I mean we know when we are in an empty backfield and the plays are, you know, we think we can block them well enough to make those throws. And sometimes we did and sometimes we didn't. You know, they blitzed a lot and they hit us on a couple and they made some good plays. Hicks (Eric Hicks) did a nice job. He got us a couple times too. I mean that is the type of defense they are. They are a destructive defense. They can, you know, they can definitely get in there and mess some stuff up and they did a good job of that today.

Q: Coach, did you go into today's game expecting to throw the ball this much or did you see something in the defense --

BB: We started off the game thinking that we would be throwing the ball. And you know, we planned on throwing it but we wanted to run it too. And you know, we got to that. But we thought we would, you know, start the game off trying to throw it and we did that with moderate success. It wasn't great. We messed up a few plays.

Q: Bill, can you talk about Troy's day, it seemed like he was doing well for a while and then --

BB: Well, we got a lot of big plays out of Troy as well. He is such a clutch player. It seemed like after he missed that first one that he really made a lot of good catches, a lot of them in traffic. We got production from a lot of other guys too. We got production from our tight ends, production from a couple of our other receivers. But Tom, for the most part, did a decent job of putting the ball to the right spot, putting the ball to the receivers. But no question, Troy came through with a lot of big clutch plays as we have seen him do so many times. He is a terrific player. I can't say enough about that guy.

Q: Bill, how do you weigh this one game that you really could have lost and won, with clearly that is not the best football?

BB: Well, I think that is the way it is in the National Football League games every week.

Q: I mean you looked so good the first two weeks and --

BB: Yes. Well, I don't think the first two weeks had anything to do with this week and I don't think this week will have anything to do with next week. We start all over and start getting ready for San Diego.

Q: From a coaching standpoint, you look at it as, Nice job, guys?

BB: No, you know. There were a lot of things we need to work on after the Pittsburgh game and a lot of things after the Jets game too. You can sit there and say everything was right after the final score, but everything wasn't right. We had plenty of mistakes in those games too that we need to correct and we had plenty out there today, so we have got a lot to work on. We have only played three regular season games and there is a lot of things we need to tighten up to do a better job. That's true after the first two games too. I don't care what the score was; from an execution standpoint, we were looking for better execution and we are still looking for that. We are looking for that this week as well.

Q: Bill, did they attack the spread offense a little bit differently than old Pittsburgh --

BB: Not really. They had a very similar approach to what Pittsburgh did. Pittsburgh gave us quite a bit of three man rush and eight guys in coverage. And Kansas City took a similar approach to that. They brought Stills (Gary) in, they were running a three-three defense, three-three to five defensive backs and Stills was the third linebacker who entered, he changed between rushing and covering. So they ran quite a bit of three man rush and then, you know, I would say somewhere there around the second quarter and then more in the third quarter, then they started coming with more pressure out of their nickel package against our spread offense. And you know, sometimes that was good and sometimes Troy Brown played, that was against an all-out blitz. Tom did a couple of those and they disrupted us a couple of times too.

Q: Did Brady show you anything at all in throwing that he hadn't had at that level -- you know, he made a touchdown pass to Troy Brown and was under heavy pressure and also it was a long game for Brown.

BB: Well, you know, Tom has been hit before. He got hit certainly a few more times than we wanted to do. But he stood in there under the pressure and made some throws. We have seen him do that. Tom is a tough guy. I mean he can stand in there and kind of knows when to get rid of the ball and when it is close, you know, and when the pocket is closing in on him. But I thought he did make a couple last second deliveries there. But he has done that before and I don't think it is, you know, that far out of character. We know he is a pocket quarterback so there are a lot of
quarterback draws and things. Okay. Thank you. All right. Thank you

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