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Bill Belichick Post Game Press Conf Transcript

Belichick: But we are happy with the team. Those guys really played hard, played well.



            **BB:**  Well, I guess we had a good day in Boston today.  It is a great win for our football team.  I am really proud of our guys.  It was a tough physical game.  Obviously, Tennessee is a very good football team and they played hard.  And our guys, as we talked about during the week, try to meet force with force and try to play a tough physical game.  That's what it was.  A lot of hard blows both ways.  But we made a lot of big plays in the game.  I know going into the game, many of us, you never know how it is going to go.  It was just kind of play after play, playing back and forth.  We moved the ball well in the second half.  Defensively, we had two guys banged up, they were kind of hanging on at the end.  And Tennessee, they were doing a good job moving it too.  But in the end Ty [Law] made a nice play on the out cut.  It was one where kind of like two weeks ago in the Jets game where he was on the sidelines saying, 'Put me back in, Coach, put me back in.'  So he made the right call on that one.  Obviously, I have got to give him a lot of credit putting it in the end zone from 40-yards away.  That was a nice play.  We are happy with that, obviously, and we have got a big challenge coming up this week with the Giants.  But we are happy with the team.  Those guys really played hard, played well.  It was tough bouncing back from the Washington loss, but we have got a tough group of guys in there.  They did some good plays.  

**Q: Bill, in the case of Mike Cloud, were you going to use him anyway or because Antowain [Smith] had to go out?

BB:** Yes. Antowain went out and Mike was really the backup there. Larry [Centers] was kind of playing in different personnel groups. I thought Antowain ran well and did a nice job, but Mike came in there and had a couple big runs for us so he showed some quickness and made a couple of nice cuts.

**Q: Would you say he [Mike Cloud] gave your team a lift there?

BB:** He made some big plays. I mean there were a lot of them. So he is part of it, that whole, obviously, Law, I mean hitting that field goal was big and there were a lot of big plays. If I could rattle them off, I am sure I could get a bunch of them

**Q: How about the dimension that Bethel Johnson has brought to the return game now too?

BB:** Well, when he catches it and holds on to it, he can eat up some yards in a hurry. He set up good field position for us right there at the beginning of game and then, of course, he answered. We talked a lot on the kickoff return, that is the answer team. The only reason the kickoff team is out there is they just scored or it is just the start of the half, so basically we are trying to answer whatever score they just made. And the kickoff team did a great job. We talked a lot and worked hard on getting our return game going and there was certainly some positive things there. Obviously, we had a punt return called back but, you know, it was good to see us making some plays in the return game.

**Q: We talked this week about how Tennessee's line was, but Antowain and Mike had a lot of running today.

BB:** I think the offensive line did a great job. Kevin Carter sees as good as there is. [Jevon] Kearse, those big guys in there, Robaire Smith and [James] Atkins and Carlos Hall, I mean they have got a real good team. I thought our line, those guys, they showed their toughness and they stood in there and battled them. I am not saying we dominated them or anything like that. But it was a battle and we tried to I thought those guys held their own.

**Q: Would you say that is where it started, matching the physical style?

BB:** It definitely started the line of scrimmage, both sides of the line, our defensive line matching the physical-ness of the offensive line and our offensive line matching the physical-ness of Tennessee's defensive line and their blitz package.

**Q: Mike has had calf surgery, he has gone through a suspension, had only had four practices with you. What does it say that he can walk in not just off the street, but I mean what does it say to you about him and his preparation?

BB:** He has obviously worked hard. You have got to give him a lot of credit. With no coaching, he went out there and did a good job. After a couple weeks, he will go out there and do a lot.

**Q: Ty Law, has he shown you some special-ness here?

BB:** He really has. Last three weeks, coming back and finishing the Jets game and playing last week in Washington and coming in today, when he went out today in the second half, we thought that was it and we had made the adjustments in our nickel defense with Antwan [Harris] going inside and Eugene [Wilson] and Asante [Samuel] going outside. And then when Ty came back and said he was ready to go on that series, I really wasn't ever expecting that, but Ty is a great competitor.

**Q: The Red Sox updates during the game, they had piped in the Sox updates, did that help the momentum? The crowd got into it too. Did that help at all?

BB:** I think any time you hear the crowd going and you're at home, it helps you. Whether it was for us or whatever it was for, a combination of both, whatever, it is always good to hear that roaring crowd. But I mean we all knew what was going on. I mean it is certainly some positive thing that the Red Sox were doing. We didn't know what it was, obviously. And I have been in a couple of those situations before with the Giants and when the Mets won the World Series, and that kind of thing. Those things happen during a game and that is…you understand what is going on.

**Q: Can you talk a little bit about Dan Klecko?

BB:** Yes. Three way-Klecko, fine on special teams. First, Dan has some background on the playing field back in high school. And we are a little short in the backfield situation this week and we have been working Dan back there in our short yardage and goal line jumbo package. Just by watching him play on the sideline, I thought we were good going, he got away a little bit there and we got in the end zone.

**Q: Bill, in terms of Ty Law, did he have to talk his way on the field in the last series or did you think he felt good enough to go back in and play?

BB:** They told me he couldn't go back in. He just came over to me and said, 'Coach, I can go back in, I can finish that if you need me.' So I said, 'Okay, are you sure you're all right? Are you sure you can go too? And he said, 'I am okay on that.'

**Q: The last series, just before the last series –

BB:** Yes. About two minutes to go in the game, 1:15 or whatever it was. So I said, 'Okay, here is what we are going to play, you can do that?' He said 'Yes.' So we put him back in and put Eugene [Wilson] back at safety.

**Q: Bill, is this one of those games that can define a team physically? I mean a couple years ago it was a New Orleans game where you guys really turned it up a notch physically and matched that team and carried it on through. Do you feel like this canhave carryover effect?

BB:** Every year you look back and there is always a couple of games that you say are kind of whatever, high water or low water marks in the season and you look back. I don't know about that. I think our team is a physical team. I think they try to play physically. I think we have a group of tough guys as far as that all the way through and I think they showed it today. So I think they know it. I think we know it. I don't know whether you know it. But you can see what the product is and decide for yourself. That is the way we feel. I thought they stepped up there and tried to do it. I don't think they ever didn't have confidence in themselves as a physical team.

**Q: How does this happen where a team can play someone just five or six games ago as you did with Tennessee and be kind of physically outmatched and manhandled, and then change the equation so desperately despite the fact you are missing a lot of guys from that team? I guess it is part of that answer.

BB:** I am not saying we deserved to win, it was 27 7, their yards were carrying and the running game was pretty modest. They killed us on a lot of third down conversions on that game and then they stayed on the field and ran it again and stayed on the field and ran it again. And they were out there for 42 minutes or whatever it was, so it wasn't like it was eight yards a carry but they just kept doing it and doing it, and they could convert on third down so that led to a lot of rushes. You know, we never had a ball. We couldn't make a first down and couldn't convert on third downs. So you know, the game kind of got out of hand a little bit down there after the interception after it was 21 7. I don't think we backed down from them or anything down there. I just think they played better than we did in the third down conversions and their red area success led to a lot more opportunities on the ball, but the total yardage was better. But again, the yards-per-carry for [Eddie] George wasn't that great. It was the sub-runs with [Steve] McNair that really killed us. They just did a good job and we didn't.

**Q: Bill, the big plays on offense today, was that more of a change of philosophy or anything that you did different than you have?

BB:** No. I'm trying to think what happened on Troy [Brown's] touchdown, they blitzed on the line and the backs did a great job of picking it up. Tom stepped up in the pocket, had a little bit of time, and Troy got behind [Lance] Schulters and he laid it up there. Had they not blitzed, had there been a different coverage, the ball probably wouldn't have gone down there. It just turned out that way. We tried to hit a couple down the sideline and some were better than others. But that is they played a lot of man coverage and they created a lot of single coverage on the receivers. And so you know, it was a good battle out there between their corners and our wideouts

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