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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conf. Transcript

Belichick: Everybody stay dry upstairs? You missed it down there. You know, I thought this was a game that was kind of sloppy.



BB: Everybody stay dry upstairs? You missed it down there. You know, I thought this was a game that was kind of sloppy. There were some good things out there. We had trouble with a lot of things. We've got a lot of work to do. I thought that the players tried to play pretty physically and play hard. But we struggled in the passing game. We really didn't do a good job defensively with the quarterback, gave up some easy running yardage, struggled on the punt returns, stuff like that. But we made a few plays, made a few scramble plays, got a couple third down stops finally, and we were able to put a few points on the board. But I think overall we've got a long way to go, let's put it that way, in every phase of the game. And we got a chance to look at a lot of people play. I think we got just about everybody in there. And so we will take a look at the films and we will see how, individually, we did. But you know, I think it is a step in our preparation. We know it takes a lot more of them to be ready, but I thought the team played hard and at least we took care of the ball for the most part and tried to play physical on the defensive side of the ball. So that is the way I saw it.

Q: You are talking about Troy Brown, putting him on offense, defense, punt returns. What do you think of him as a player?

BB: Well, I think I didn't see anything spectacular tonight. I mean did he catch any passes? We have got a long way to go. He is a good player. He is a versatile player. I am glad we've got him. But I don't think we had any spectacular performance by anybody there.

Q: Bill, what about Rohan [Davey's] performance out there?

BB: He had a couple situations where it was tough. He had one in particular, a tough situation where I thought he really showed some alertness and made a heads-up call on that. Some things looked better than others. But he got the team in the end zone a couple times and that was good. But we need more consistency from that position and every other one, too.

Q: Bill, on a first game, do you work more to find out who you are as a team than individual play?

BB: A combination of both. I think both. We worked on some of this stuff all through training camp, some of it back into the minicamps in the spring, so we need to see where our execution is on those plays, and at the same time we are going to evaluate the people, and particularly the younger guys, the first, second, third year guys and see how they are doing. So it is definitely a combination of both. We need to measure both our progress as a team and individually, how the individuals are stepping up.

Q: Any first impressions on Corey Dillon from tonight's game?

BB: Well, he looked like he ran hard a couple of times. He didn't really have a lot of opportunities so it was all right.

Q: Bill, is there one thing specifically that -- I know there is a lot of things, but is there one thing specifically that you are focusing on?

BB: No.

Q: I mean with Rohan, through his performance?

BB: No. I think it is everything. A quarterback has got a lot of jobs to do and sooner or later they are all important. So the passing game, obviously, which we weren't very good in the passing game tonight at any point. You know, there were some scramble plays and we got loose a couple of times, but it wasn't like we just went there and dropped back and made a lot of passes. So we certainly need to improve that, all the quarterbacks, all the receivers, the protection, everything. But you know, managing the team, throwing the ball, making good decisions, I thought he made a lot of them but there is still a lot of work to do.

Q: Did the weather take away from the evaluation process, Bill, at all?

BB: No, I don't think so. It wasn't bad out there. It really wasn't. It drizzled a little bit, but it kind of cooled it off. I thought the conditions were fine.

Q: Given the game today, what is your approach for camp next week?

BB: Well, this week we play Cincinnati and that is a team we play in the regular season so we will put a little more focus into the scouting report in preparation for the Bengals. We also have, fundamentally, we have a lot of things we need to work on. We will go back and continue to drill those. And we need to move ahead with some other things that we just haven't had a chance to cover yet, some different looks and some different blitzes and some different situations that we need to develop so that when they come up here in the season, we are ready there. So we still have some installation, some fundamental things we need to work on. And the Bengals are going to be a regular-season opponent so we certainly want to put a little extra attention to them because we will see them again.

Q: Bill, you were able to get Rosie (Rosevelt Colvin) some time tonight, a couple of snaps. How did he come out of that, okay?

BB: Yes.

Q: He was scheduled to just play a series or so?

BB: Yes. He played about four plays. That is what we targeted.

Q: Do you have plans of using Troy with that first nickel again next week?

BB: I haven't thought about next week yet. We will take a look at how we want to set up the rotation as we get a lot closer to game time.

Q: What was the sense of having him with that first group on defense in this particular game?

BB: Because that is when he was playing. He was playing early in the game.

Q: Why, where he hasn't played the game in that position, why do that at that point?

BB: Because we didn't want him to sit around for a half and then bring him back and put him in on defense and have him cool off and all that. He was playing on offense and returned a couple of punts, and while he was warm and while he was playing we wanted to play him. We really don't like the players to sit around for 20, 30, 40 minutes and then stick him back. I don't think that is a really good way to take care of players, especially the older ones.

Q: How has he (Troy Brown) done in that role as defensive back?

BB: He is learning. He is coming along.

Q: Bill, you just mentioned, especially with an older player like Troy, it kind of begs the question, and maybe I am naive, as to why a guy who is 33 might be willing to play on the other side of the ball?

BB: We are just trying to create depth for our team. That is all. You know, it is like taking a tackle and teaching him how to play guard or taking a defensive lineman and putting him on the offensive side of the ball for goal line short yardage play. You know, you go into a situation where you run short on people during a regular season and it is good if you have depth. It is a little late to wait until the tenth week and say, 'Oh, geez, we have got a couple corners hurt, who are we going to move over?' It is a lot easier to try to build it now and try to create some depth. So that is all we are trying to do. You know, we have four experienced corners on the team and then some other guys that don't have a lot of experience. So maybe Troy fits in there, maybe he doesn't. But if we are going to do it, I would rather look at it now than right in the middle of the season where everybody has got a lot of other things to worry about.

Q: Is it a great likelihood that he may never play cornerback in the games?

BB: I don't know. I have no idea.

Q: Is there any other place for Troy?

BB: He plays in the slot. He has a lot of skills offensively to make him a good slot receiver. A number of those skills are the same ones a defensive player needs to be able to cover those guys that play at that position. So I think that his skill set is a fit for that spot. He needs some experience and needs a little work, but he is working on it. He is getting better. He is very conscientious about it and maybe he could. I think he is having a little fun with it, so maybe it will help us down the road

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