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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conf. Transcript

Belichick: It is nice to win. The Colts are a good football team, and I am glad we came out on top, but we've got 15 more to go.



BB: Everybody stay for the end of this one? It seems like all of our games against the Colts are like this. It comes down to the last possession, the last couple of plays. This one was no different. This was back and forth the whole way. [It was a] good football game, unless you coach the defense. But in the end, we were just able to make enough plays to win. You've got to give them credit. They played hard. They did a lot of things well. But, our guys really stepped up there, especially in the third quarter, came back and played a little bit better defensively, made a couple good drives, good catches. I thought Corey [Dillon] ran hard. We got some production from a lot of people offensively, and that is what we need. Fortunately, we're happy to win against a good football team. We still have a lot of work to do. Made a lot of mistakes, a lot of penalties, turned the ball over, made a lot of errors on defense. They are a good football team. They are going to make a lot of people make some errors.

Q. Coach, a lot of guys turned up big for you, including David Patten. Can you speak on his play?

BB: Yes. David entered the game for us, played well all through the preseason. We had a lot of guys like [Rosevelt] Colvin and Patten, guys like that who just didn't get a chance last year. They really were a big force tonight. So yes, David did a super job. I thought all the receivers did a nice job. We got a lot of production from offense from a lot of different guys.

Q. [On Ty Law's status]

BB: Ty tightened up a little bit there and was in and out, and by the end he just couldn't do anymore.

Q. What sort of adjustments did you make at halftime?

BB: Not a lot. We just tried to play better. It wasn't an adjustment game. This is an execution game. And they do what they do, and we tried to do what we did. Sometimes we did it well, and sometimes we didn't. But in the end we got killed by giving up too many big plays on play action, in the passing, and then there were times when we were soft in the running game. But they did a good job of combining those plays and keeping you off balance so give them credit for the execution. We were fortunate to have a couple big hits to get some turnovers. Once again, Willie McGinest made a big play. It seems like he is always there when we need him. Tonight it was a big play, obviously.

Q. The timely turnovers particularly on the goal line, can you comment on that?

BB: Well, we turned it over a couple times. They turned it over. That is the way the game was. They lose it twice. We lose it twice. So that is stuff, even we would like to hang on to ours, and both are good contact teams, and get the ball on our side.

Q. Bill, talk about that play by Willie McGinest, in terms of field goal attempts.

BB: Well, we changed up on it a little bit defensively. Romeo [Crennel] called an outside blitz. It looked like [Payton] Manning probably read that [Rodney] Harrison was coming. He shifted back over but then missed McGinest on the backside coming on the defensive left. And Willie did a nice job. He gets there in a hurry, and it was a big play. A great call by Romeo.

Q. Were you pleased with Dillon?

BB: Yes. Again, I think offensively we got production from a lot of different people. There are a lot of things we could have done better. But Corey ran hard. He broke some tackles, finished some runs. His pickup was pretty good. He was helped a few times. I think he did a good job, and I am sure there are things he is going to be able to do better after we look at the film. I am sure we'll say that about everybody.

Q. Bill, are you just not settled on five offensive linemen yet?

BB: We rotated a lot of people in the game. Nobody has played a full game in preseason, and we rotated people all the way through, receiver, offensive line, tight end, running back, and defensively, same thing. We were playing a lot of people. And I think that our depth is going to be important for us this year, and I think it was important tonight. We got contributions from a lot of different people.

Q. There was a lot of hoopla surrounding the pregame show. Was that even on your radar screen?

BB: No, it sure wasn't. We don't really care too much about that. We were just focused on the game and whatever fireworks got shot off or didn't get shot off, we didn't even care about it.

Q. Was it hard to shut it out?

BB: It was kind of loud during pregame. Our focus was on the game and that is where it needed to be tonight. We had our hands full, more than our hands full with the Colts.

Q. Can you get control in a game like this at all? I mean it was swinging back and forth.

BB: Well, we had a 10-point lead at the start of the fourth quarter and they came back, they had a great drive. They hit the big third down play there for a touchdown and then got down a couple of other times; and fortunately, we were able to keep them out. So I would say we had control over it. But we had a 10 point lead at the start of the fourth quarter so you would say at the beginning of the game, 'Would you like to be in that situation,' sure. But this is an explosive team and between them turning the ball over defensively and being able to strike quickly on offense, it was no lead is safe against this offense.

Q. Did your lack of depth at running back become a factor? You just had Patrick [Pass] in there.

BB: No, not really. We were in that empty formation a lot with the wide receivers and the tight ends so that was really our depth at running back, that formation. I don't know how many times we used it, but we probably got 15 or 20 plays out of it. The backs played, the rest of them played. I think it worked out all right. I thought that that formation, that is kind of how we game planned it. That is how we handled it.

Q. Coach, how would you say the calls were on the down field? You had two against you and then the drive that they scored.

BB: Yes. Well, they called them, so it is probably something. I couldn't see it. We will take a look at the films. I couldn't see it from where I was. We had a couple of calls. They had a couple calls. I am sure we will look at them on Monday or look at them tomorrow and see what they look like. But that is probably the way it has been all year and probably the way it is going to be.

Q. Coach, we know [Tom] Brady is not perfect and nobody is used to seeing him throw an interception. Do you know what happened on that play?

BB: Yes. We just missed it. We had a little miscommunication on what was going to happen on route, where he thought the receiver was going, what he thought he was going to do. It was a tough look and he just didn't execute the read.

Q. It is a first game but it is an emotional win, something like that?

BB: Well, we have got 15 more to go. So look, it is nice to win. It is nice to win. The Colts are a good football team, and I am glad we came out on top, but we've got 15 more to go. So if we have one in 15, I doubt that anybody is going to be doing handsprings with this. We are going to have to win more than this if we want to get better

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