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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - 08/10/02

BB: Some things we did tonight weren’t very good. Other things were okay.



            **BB:** Some things we did tonight weren't very good. Other things were okay. We've obviously got a long way to go. I think the final score of the game really came down to us not being able to run the ball in the second half, the Giants being able to run it well, or us not being able to stop it however you want to look at it, and a couple of big plays. We gave up some big plays defensively, and those hurt us during the night, and we had a couple of turnovers and both of those led to points. Overall there were a lot of things we have to work on. I think there were a few decent moments, but overall we need better production in the red area on both sides of the ball. They scored touchdowns, we kicked field goals. In the end that was the point differential. We got it started, but there are certainly a lot of things we need to work on. We certainly had lot of penalties put there, and they seemed to come at key times too  

Q: It seemed that you focused more on the passing game. Were you happy with it?

BB: We tried to work on everything, we tried to mix the running game in. I don't know how many runs we called, but we called quite a few. We wanted to go ahead and run everything in our offense, run, pass, and play-action. I think that in terms of the overall distribution of plays it was pretty balanced. We weren't trying to isolate or single out one aspect of the game.

Q: What about the early returns of Deion Branch's performance?

BB: He played well in the first half, made some big catches, did a good job.

Q: Which quarterback performed the best?

BB: I think we saw the same thing out of all of them. We moved the ball until we got down into the red area, and we couldn't score. We couldn't run in the red area, and we didn't have enough passes. Damon hit a nice fade pattern to [Donald] Hayes, but other than that we couldn't get the ball in the end zone. We were down there a bunch of times and only got one touchdown.

Q: Were you surprised at how well Branch played in his first game?

BB: He caught the ball well, he's been catching the ball well. If he's open we'll throw it to him. He's done that in camp.

Q: Did you guys come out healthy?

BB: I don't know.

Q: [On Damon Huard]

BB: I thought that Damon played well. He got some points on the board at the end of the half with a touchdown, and the two-minute drive after they kicked off. We got some field position, got into field goal range. In the third quarter we couldn't get a first down, we couldn't move the ball, so we had a couple passes and came up short. We stunk on third down, and didn't run well, so it was a pretty unproductive third quarter,

Q: Did you feel any more interest to get this season started, and move on?

BB: The games have been scheduled for almost a year now, so that's what it is. We've done everything on that schedule, whether it be off-season, mini-camp or training camp, when the games are scheduled, and our schedule falls into that. It is what it is; we've been working on this season since two days after the Super Bowl, so this season has been moving for quite a while. It's our first game, but it's a normal situation.

Q: At the end did you consider going for that fourth down play rather than kicking the field goal, and going for the stop?

BB: We considered it. It was fourth-and-15 on about the 18-yard line. I didn't think we had a high percentage there. We had three timeouts, and had we not roughed the punter we would've had the ball back, and had a chance to get back into scoring range.

Q: Late in the first half, they were moving the ball, and you put your front line DB's into the game. Was that to work the two minute drill?

BB: No. We only had one dime group, we didn't have two dime groups in the game. If we were going to play dime, which we did, at the end of the half then those are the only guys we had, we didn't have anybody else to put in. In the second half I don't think we played it one snap, we stayed in our regular defense the entire half, because we didn't have enough depth at corner to do that. Anytime the dime was called, we had to have six DB's out there, and we barely had six. I'm talking about the corner position, we had enough people at safety, and we just didn't have enough corners.

Q: [Steve] Neal and [Adrian] Klemm were your guards during the touchdown drive, is there any assessment on how Neal's game went?

BB: It would be hard to really break it down without seeing the film. I don't think I could give a good analysis of it.

Q: Did you have a set number of plays you wanted to play the first group?

BB: I think we wanted around 15-25, depending on how it went. I think Brady played about 18. We wanted to get some game action. We played a lot of people, and we wanted to try to give everybody an opportunity

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