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Bill Belichick Post Game Transcript - 12/14

Belichick: There were some chances in the game where we maybe could have, we definitely could have put some more points on the board.



            **BB:**  Well, I thought that was a good win out there for us today.  There were some chances, we had some chances in the game where we maybe could have, we definitely could have put some more points on the board but, you know, Jacksonville is a good defense.  They kept us out of there a few times and they moved the ball on us.  Fortunately, we were able to make some red area stops ourselves so that probably evened it out.  Overall, I thought it was a solid game for us.  And some things were better than others, but overall not too bad.  Nothing really major to report injury wise so we will skip over that and I'll throw it out to you.  

**Q: Coach, Troy Brown, just having him back on the field, what did that mean to the offense?

BB:** It was good seeing him back out there. He looked a little rusty on a few things, made a nice catch on the touchdown.

**Q: Coach, Richard Seymour did not start this game. He had a big game, but he did not start. I just wondered why.

BB:** Right. [It was a] Coaching decision.

**Q: Was he benched?

BB:** It was a coaching decision.

**Q: Did the coach decide to bench him?

BB:** No, no. No.

**Q: It was just unusual. I mean he was a star player.

BB:** No. Sorry to hear everybody can't understand that, but I do what I think is best for the team. That is all.

**Q: How about Bethel Johnson, why didn't he play today?

BB:** He was inactive today.

**Q: Why?

BB:** Coaching decision. That is what I am getting paid to do is coach a team. Hey, all those guys on the inactive list, I would like to have all of them. You can't have all of them. I can only activate 45 players.

**Q: Coach, with the forecast, was it important to get out and score as quick as you guys did this afternoon?

BB:** We took that into consideration a little bit. We tried to throw a little bit earlier in the game. We were aware that the conditions could deteriorate a little bit more as the day went on so it was probably fortunate that it worked out that way. It looked like it was tougher conditions, although Jacksonville didn't have any problem with the ball right down the field here at the end. But yes, that was a little bit of a factor in the game in planning and the play calling, yes.

**Q: What happened to Deion Branch?

BB:** Hurt his hand and he didn't come back. So we will see how that goes.

**Q: Bill, that opening drive, nine plays, you scored. That is a pretty good way to start that game.

BB:** First time we scored a touchdown this year in the opening drive so it was real good. It was something we talked about and doing a better job about getting off to a better start offensively. We did it today and that was a good drive. We picked up some third downs, converted in the red area. It was good.

**Q: Coach, Tyrone Poole, two picks today. What do you say to the players, when they start celebrating, what did you see?

BB:** I am not really sure what exactly you're talking about there. But he made two good plays. There is no question. I didn't get a very good look at either one of them. One was on the other side of the field. The other one was kind of down on our sideline but it was behind a lot of people. I didn't get a real good look at it.

**Q: Bill, any changes defensively in the second half? It looked like Jacksonville moved the ball pretty successfully earlier but not really much in the second half.

BB:** Nothing dramatically. We made adjustments all the way through the game. They definitely hurt us on some things. Obviously, the first play, we didn't do a good job on [Jimmy] Smith and he made us pay for it like he usually does. He is a really good player. It wasn't anything exotic. They did a good job. And we talked about things like that all the way through the game. So nothing, you know, nothing unusual.

**Q: Bill, how did you feel you handled their front? You talked about how physical it was.

BB:** It was tough. We had a tough time running in there. There were a couple holes. They put some pressure on us up the middle and the push rush too. The offensive line definitely hung in there and held our own, but we made a few plays and they made a few plays. They are pretty good. We had a lot of respect for them coming into the game, and I think we have a lot of respect for them now coming out of the game. And talking to the offensive linemen, I don't want to speak for them but I think they feel that way. I certainly do.

**Q: Bill, you guys, obviously, under all conditions so far you've been successful. How much of the battle, does the battle mean with your success with the team? Are you getting real good as a bad weather team, do you think?

BB:** We can't control the conditions at all. We practice in some of these things and sometimes they come up and sometimes they don't. We have had a couple of back?to?back games like this, but you can go a year or two without snow coming down during the season. So there is really no way to predict it. But we do practice outside a lot in November and December. You get some conditions during the week that do not reoccur in the game, whether it be wind or moisture or the cold or whatever it happens to be. So I think there is a certain acclimation to it but a lot of times what you get during the week isn't what you get on Sunday. Sooner or later you get it but the weather around here just isn't the same Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, that type of thing.

**Q: Do you prefer to play this team in bad weather?

BB:** Nothing I can do about it so we don't really worry about it. Whatever it is, it is.

**Q: Bill, do you have any thoughts on going 15 quarters without allowing a touchdown here?

BB:** No, not really. I think ?? Well, obviously, I think that that is a credit to the defense. But right now, I think we are going on the road against the Jets, a division game, [it is] our last two road division games against Buffalo and Miami were two of the toughest games of the year. I think that will be a big challenge for us and that is really what we are looking ahead toward. Anything that, those records, or whatever it is…or those streaks or whatever they are, I am not really too concerned about those. I am happy we won.

**Q: Do you think Ken Walter, what do you think about his performance today?

BB:** I thought it was okay. Yes, I thought it was okay. [It was] certainly better than a couple of the other games recently

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