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Bill Belichick Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his postgame press conference at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, November 13, 2011.

Opening remarks...
It's really great to come down here and win.  We're proud of our players. So many guys stepped up today. Really, everybody that dressed played a huge role in the victory. We had a good week of practice and our preparation was good. I thought we did a pretty good job of executing against a good team.  They won three straight. They were on a big roll here. It took a good effort to win tonight, but our guys did it for us. All the credit needs to go to the players. They really prepared well (and) never got down even though we lost a couple of tough games. (They) kept the attitude up, kept the preparation up, practiced well and came out here and competed as hard as they could tonight. They really deserved it. They were the better team tonight. Our players did a great job. Give them the credit and now we need to turn the page and we've got another big one on Monday night. It's good to walk out of here with a win.

On the defense stepping up...
Everybody stepped up. Special teams, defense, offense, we made the plays when we had to make them. It wasn't perfect, but when we had to make them, we made them. Again, all the credit goes to them and you could name 20 guys in here. They did a great job.

On having new starters on defense...
You've got to give the credit to the players. They prepared all week. They were ready to go and they went out there and did their job. (Patrick) Chung was a game-time decision. He wasn't able to go, so Sterling (Moore) was the next guy up. Unfortunately we lost Devin (McCourty) there. Antwaun (Molden) stepped in. We lost (Brandon) Spikes, so we moved Mayo to MIKE and Jeff (Tarpinian) stepped in. Tracy (White) did a great job for us on the sub. We got a lot of plays out of a lot of guys. They played really hard tonight and played well.

On it taking Tom Brady time to get into a rhythm...
They're a good defense. They do a good job. They have a good scheme. They have good players. They make you work for it. They made some plays. We made some plays. Fortunately, we made enough of them. That's a good defense, so every player's not going to have an 80-yard touchdown against them. I'll tell you that right now.

On Andre Carter and the pass rush...
The guys work hard at it. The players have worked hard at it and gotten better at technique. They did a good job of winning their one-on-one matchups. There's no magic wand. Give them credit. They rushed well.

On sweeping the Jets...
Of course the division games are important, no question. But, we're not even at Thanksgiving yet. There's a lot of football left in the season. One football game won't win you much. But, it's a good win and we're happy to have it. We have a lot of football left.

On if the no huddle offense disrupted the Jets defense...
I don't know. You'd have to ask them. They've seen it before. It's not like we haven't run the no huddle or they haven't seen it before. It really comes down to execution.  I wish that's all there was to it, the no huddle, but it really comes down to execution. It comes down to blocking, running routes, getting open, throwing the ball, protecting, getting tackles, all those things.

On how much he had to simplify the defense...
I'd say we pretty much played what we practiced. We altered a couple of things during the game based on some of the things the Jets were doing. The players handled that well and we made some adjustments during the game. They communicated well and they handled it well. We didn't really have a lot of missed assignments. They caught some passes on us and then got a couple of runs on us where they did a good job. For the most part, we were where we were supposed to be and trying to play the right thing. Overall, I thought we did a decent job, certainly getting the lead there in the fourth quarter that helped turn it into a one dimensional game. That helped us.

On Rob Ninkovich's interceptions...
One ball got tipped away and tipped up in the air and batted a couple of times and Rob made a good play on it. We know Rob has good hands. We've seen him intercepting passes before. On the play when they were backed up, Tracy did a good job on the jam and was able to jam (Dustin) Keller. (Mark) Sanchez was trying to check the ball down the middle. Rob, being the player that he is, read his eyes and saw the ball and had a good play on it. He was where he was supposed to be.  A big part of that was jamming the receiver so Sanchez couldn't get down the field and have them check it down. It was good team defense. It's always the way most of those plays work out.

On if Rob Gronkowski surprises him anymore...
I think we put players out there we think that can produce and will produce when they get the opportunity. Rob got some chances tonight and made them count. Other guys have done that too: Wes (Welker), Deion (Branch), Woody (Danny Woodhead), Chad (Ochocinco), pick one. They've all had their chances. They can all be productive.

On Julian Edelman defending the slot receiver...
We're running out of guys there. He stepped in and made a nice hit there and made a nice tackle on (LaDainian) Tomlinson. You never know. It's a long season. We have a lot of games left. Who knows who will be playing where, but I know one thing. These guys are tough, mentally and physically. They'll stand up to the challenge and give their best. That counts for a lot. The game's not too big for them.

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