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Bill Belichick Postgame Press Conference Transcript

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media at MetLife Stadium following a regular season game versus the New York Jets on Thursday, November 22, 2012.


Opening statement…**
It's certainly nice to come down here and be able to sweep the Jets this season. It's always a challenge, especially on the short week and I thought our players really deserve a lot of credit on this one for turning it around so quickly coming off of last week's game and then our preparation that we had this week was outstanding by the players. They were very accountable in meetings or walkthroughs, films, even the walkthrough that we had this morning was one of the best sessions that we've had all year. Time was really short and they really put a lot in to it. I think it showed up out there today. So that's an awesome job by the players. Once again we get contributions from everybody. Another touchdown on special teams, turning the ball over on defense and converting them on offense. Of course Shane (Vereen) got us started with a big play early in the game. Overall it was a good team effort. I'm proud of our team, proud of the way that they responded this week after the Indianapolis game so it was a short week. It was a tough week but they really bared down and brought their best in terms of concentration and effort in the classroom and walkthroughs and all of that and those results were on the field today. We'll take a little break here and then get on to Miami.

On Julian Edelman's injury…
We'll see.

On Steve Gregory's game…
I thought he had a real good play on the interception. He read the quarterback well and picked up the route. Of course the fumbles, it was just a good scoop-and-score play. Steve's a gutty player, a smart player, and is very instinctive and just plays well. He's made a lot of plays for us this year.

On if Gregory's interception came on a trap coverage…
Like any good player, he's well aware of the routes and reads the quarterback and anticipates throws.

On if he's ever experienced three touchdowns so quickly in a game…
Well, unfortunately I was on the other end of that at the Pro Bowl a couple of years ago and it was 42-0 in the middle of the second quarter on the same kind of plays, touchdowns, interception returns, fumble returns, and things like that. It doesn't take a lot to score a lot of points in this league quickly (with) turnovers, defensive returns, special teams returns, it can add up in a hurry. Both ways, getting ahead and also coming back. Nothing surprises me in the NFL that's why it's a great game.

On the team playing its best football…
Each game is its own challenge. I thought that we played well today and more importantly prepared well. We had a real good week of preparation on a short week and then we performed very competitively today. I thought we had good energy and made a lot of big plays obviously. It was good to see us do those long plays in the passing game with Edelman, big play in the return game. It's always good to score on special teams. That's two touchdowns against the Jets in the kicking game this year. That's winning football.

On if the team rose to the challenge this week…
I thought that they had a good week. We'll see about next week. Next week could be another challenge against Miami but they did it this week.

On Vince Wilfork…
Vince has been a solid player for us all year both in the running game and the passing game. (He's) very unselfish. We play him in different positions, usually where we feel he's the most needed, not necessarily where it's going to feature him or give him great opportunities to make plays. A lot times it is to eat up blockers or try to disrupt plays and he's an explosive guy that's got very good football instincts. He knows where the ball is. He knows what they're trying to do. He really responded well to all of the different challenges or positions that we've put him in. Like I said, he's a very unselfish guy and very collective guy. He's given us great leadership. He and Rob (Ninkovich) are the guys on defense. Those guys have really been outstanding.

On Sebastian Vollmer's injury…
We'll see. He wasn't able to play today so we'll see how that goes. We'll take that day-by-day.

On his 200th win…
It's been a privilege and a great opportunity to coach the players that won those games. I never made a block, didn't make a tackle, didn't throw a pass, didn't kick a ball, the players won them. It's an honor to coach the group of players that go out there and make the plays to win those games and that's what happened today. The players went out there and made the plays and they deserved to win. It's a privilege to coach this team for Mr. (Robert) Kraft, the Kraft family, the Patriots organization, and the players that are on it. It's nice, but it's really more of a reflection of what the players have done.

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