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Bill Belichick Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Bank of America Stadium on Monday, November 18, 2013.


BB: ** It was obviously a tough game. It came down to a few plays here and they made a couple more than we did. We had our chances and we've just got to do a better job. We just have to get back to work and do a better job.

Q: What did you see on the final play?

BB: The same thing you saw.

Q: Did it hurt you falling behind?

BB: No. We just didn't make enough plays. They made a couple more than we did. The game came down right to the wire on both ends of the field. We just couldn't make enough plays.

Q:Can you talk about the Aqib Talib, Steve Smith match up?

BB:It's two competitive guys. Two good football players. On the team's overall performance...

BB:We came up short. It wasn't good enough. We just didn't make enough plays.

On the Flag at the end of the game...

BB:There was no explanation given to me. The officials ran off the field. The last time I started asking an official about a call that was the wrong thing to do, so I have no idea.

Q: Don't you think you were owed an explanation?

BB: Like I said, we've been down that road before. Didn't get one tonight. Didn't get one at the Baltimore game. I guess that's the way we do it.

On 2nd half running game success...

BB: I thought we ran it OK in the first half. I thought we had decent production. What'd we run it for in the first half? Does anybody have a stat. Seemed like we ended up running eighty or ninety yards in the first half. What did we end up running? One-sixty?

On 47 yards at the half...

BB: I thought we were balanced. We got sacked out of field goal range and we fumbled, then we got a personal foul penalty and that killed our three drives.

Q: Any official explanation why the flag was picked up?

BB: I saw what you saw, Tom.

Q: Any talk about it being uncatchable?

BB: I can't answer that question.

On Shane Vereen's first game back...

BB: He was in some passing groupings. I thought he did some good things. Obviously missed some time. There are some things he's got work on. We weren't as consistent as we need to be overall, in any phase, but it's good to have him back.

Q: Can you talk about (Stevan) Ridley's absence for part of the game?

BB: What about it?

Q: Why didn't he get more carries?

BB: Because all three of our guys made catches. We got production from all three of our guys.

Q: Did you get an explanation from an official at the end of the game?

BB: That's the fourth time on that.

Q: Was their receiver speed an issue?

BB: Every team in the league has fast receivers. They have good receivers. We have good receivers next week. I saw good receivers last week. Good receivers every week.

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