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Bill Belichick Postgame Presser (Audio Only)

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Land Shark Stadium on Sunday, December 06, 2009.

(On the game, general thoughts)
"That was a typical game with the Dolphins; in the end it came down to that they made more plays than we did. We had our opportunities and it was a tight game obviously, and they just made a few more plays than we did. We just have to work harder to make a few more of those. That's really about it."

(On the decision to go for it on 4th down)
"I thought we could make it. They went for it on fourth down a couple of times; we went for it on fourth down a couple of times. In the situation of the game and the field position, but it didn't work out."

(On lack of success on the road this year)
"It's disappointing any time you lose."

(On pass defense, because Henne hit career highs today)
"We just got to do a better job."

(On a possible injury with Tom Brady)
"He played the whole game."

(On Davone Bess)
"He ran good routes, and Henne hit him. He did a good job. He gets open and catches the ball. He did a good job."

(On being up 14-nothing and then making adjustments)
"It looked like the basically did the same thing the whole game. That's what it looked like to me. The mixed a few things but basically did the same thing the whole game."

(On offense maybe relying on the deep pass in the second half)
"No, no, I thought we moved the ball well, we got a lot of yards. We came up with no points in two red area drives, and down in the fourth quarter we didn't move the ball. We had a two series or a three series where we didn't move it. But up until that point we moved the ball a lot, just didn't get as many points out of it as we could have."

(On lack of success in the Red Zone)
"We just got to do a better job down there. I have to coach better and we have to play better. When we have those opportunities we have to take advantage of them."

(On division race tightening up)
"Gotta get ready for Carolina and win that."

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