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Bill Belichick Postgame Presser (Audio Only)

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday, December 20, 2009.

General Comments:"It was good to come in here and get a win. It's always tough against Buffalo - it seems like we have a real dog fight with them all the time. They play us tough as they always do, and fortunately, we were able to make enough plays to win today. It's a good win on the road, good win in the division, and now we get to work on Jacksonville."

"I thought our players stepped up and made the plays we needed to make. We did a lot of good things out there today - so did Buffalo. They're a good football team. In spite of their record, they've been in games all year and they've been playing very well recently. We're happy to come out on top."

On Randy Moss:"It was no different than any other game. He's been one of our most consistent players the last three years."

On Defensive scheme:
"We played a 3-4 most of the game. Our sub-defense, we used linebackers and six defensive backs. We were a little short on defensive linemen, so we let [them] concentrate on the running game, and our linebackers and that sub-group concentrate on third down and the pass rush."

"I thought we had good pressure on the quarterback for the most part. They've got good receivers and they were trying to throw a lot of screens on us. They hurt us on the screens in the first game, so I thought we reacted to them fairly well over all. They've got some really good skill players who are tough with the ball in their hands, and sometimes we had a little trouble tackling them."

"We tried to mix it up. We had a lot of different guys coming. We had some DB's and our linebackers try to stem the front and move it around a bit; just make them work to pick it up. Sometimes we got there, sometimes maybe we caught them a little off guard, or a little bit hesitant trying to figure out who's who."

On stopping Bills after the first possession:
"They did a good job early of mixing things up - caught us off balance a bit, but I think we had a little bit better feel for their blocking schemes. In the formation that they were using, they were trying to isolate our inside linebackers in the running game. We were able to handle that a little bit better after that first long drive."

On onside kick penalty/Buffalo recovery:
"I did see the flag. We assumed we had a good chance to recover the ball; we've just got to come up with it. We've got to make those plays; that's no excuse. We had several of them - we had the fumbled punt, the onside kick there, a couple balls out that we had a chance on, and a couple interceptions that we had our hand on. We had a chance to turn the ball over several times defensively and we didn't. We've got to take advantage of those; they don't come that frequently."

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