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Bill Belichick Postgame Transcript - 8/18/2011

(Opening statement)
"I thought we accomplished a few things tonight. One thing we wanted to do was get off to a good start – we definitely didn't do that last week. I thought we had a little, you know, energy. We were able to score and get the ball back, score again. I thought there were some positives there. We still need to be more consistent. [We] didn't really have a good second half – [we] turned the ball over, didn't play very good on defense, had too many penalties – we had some penalties in the second quarter, too that stopped us. We got a good evaluation of our conditioning down here, I mean it's a good warm night. I think we were able to see a lot of things that we still need – like I said, we have a lot of work to do to sharpen up, but I think we played competitively. We have a few things we can build on here, too. We [will] get back out there, have a good, long week getting ready for Detroit, so we'll be able to hopefully clean up a few loose ends and continue to take another step in our preparations for the regular season."

(On the first half pass rush)
"We'll take a look at it on the film, but we had a little day. We had trouble chasing these fast quarterbacks but we made a few plays."

(On Jerod Mayo)
"I'm not sure how many times he blitzed but Jerod is a good player, he really does everything pretty well – there aren't a lot of weak points in his game. He's worked hard on his blitzing, his man coverage, his tackling, his pass defense, run defense – he works hard at everything. I'm happy for whatever success he has because he works as hard as anybody on it."

(On QB Tom Brady)
"I thought he did some good things, had some other things that weren't so good. Tom did a good job moving the offense, ran the team – I thought we had a good tempo out there. I think there are some things he has to to sharpen up on too."

(On Danny Woodhead after he got hit)
"I saw him in the locker room. He seemed all right. I don't know, we'll see how it goes."

(On seeming animated after the Woodhead hit)
"I'm just trying to coach our team and get them better."

(On talking with Chad Ochocino on the sideline)
"Just trying to coach the team and see if I can get him to play better. Some things we didn't cover came up in the game. I'm just trying to do the best I can to help our team improve. We still have a long way to go. We have a lot of work to do. I have to do a better job too."

(On concern over the number of headshots the team has taken)
"You'll have to talk to the league about all that. They're the ones that make the rules and the officials are the ones that call them. All we can do is go out there and play the game."

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