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Bill Belichick Press Conference Transcript

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Lincoln Financial Field on Friday, August 9, 2013.


Opening Remarks:** "I felt like we got off to a good start tonight, we had the opportunity to play a lot of people. We had a lot of situations come up in the game, and I think we gained a lot of experience. We have a long way to go though, but there were some good things out there, and we will just have to keep stringing it together here. Keep grinding away and like I said we have a long way to go. Keep putting together good practices and solid efforts when we get out on the field, then we will make the kind of progress that we need to make. It was a good week down here for us, Coach (Chip) Kelly, and his staff along with the Eagles, we got a lot of good work in this week, and we are definitely a better football team than we were five days ago."

On the running back situation, which included playing three different players: "We got a lot of production out of the running backs, and actually we got good production out of the receivers, tight ends, quarterbacks and running backs. There was good balance on offense and any time you can run the ball that helps everything else. We blocked well, our receivers blocked well; backs ran well, we had a few good plays."

On QB Ryan Mallet's performance: "I thought he did a solid job in there. I thought all of our quarterbacks were productive. It's not perfect out there with anybody, we have some things we need to work on, but I thought we did enough good things to move the ball fairly consistently and be balanced."

On the defense's performance: "A lot of guys played, and that is an offense (Philadelphia's) we practiced against, but it's still a tough offense to play against, and we got a lot of looks on it and I think that will serve us well when we have to go up against that again. We learned about how to play some of their option schemes. They have several different ones and they do a good job, so that was a good experience for us too. There is a lot of no huddle and a lot of pace, not all but some, and that was good for us too because we could evaluate our conditioning, and some of our schemes against that type of offense."

On trying to improve the pass rush and whether or not he was pleased with it: "We had our moments, it was alright, but I wouldn't say it was great."

On RB LeGarrette Blount's improvised run: "Yeah like I said all of our backs were productive, we got good production out of all of them in the running game, some in the passing game too with screen passes. All of the guys were productive."

On Mallett's injury affecting QB Tim Tebow's length of playing time: "No it worked out about that way. We ran 40 or so plays in the first half so based on the number of plays we ran, we would have put Tim in the third quarter anyway."

On Tebow's performance: "I think it really is all about the same, everybody did some good things out there but we are far from perfect. We can all learn from it, we're going to learn from it, and we will all improve it. I think that is true of myself, the coaches, the players. I think we played competitively, but we all made mistakes out there. There are things we can learn from, we are certainly not in mid-season form by any stretch, so we will just keep working to clean up the things we can improve on and there are plenty of those for all of us, we haven't played a game in six months. This was the first one, and there were some decent things, but there are also plenty of things we need to work on."

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