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Bill Belichick Press Conference Transcript - 8/5/2012

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his press conference on Sunday, August 5, 2012.


BB:We're back at today. It's a big week for us with these next two practices and then two against New Orleans and the game on Thursday. [We'll] start to try to pull all the situational things together – down and distance, field position, kicking game, all those – the way the game is played, really. Just try to start working those things more in practice and spend a little more time on situational play and build toward Thursday's game for the entire team even though everybody won't obviously get those situations and maybe not very many of them will even come up, who knows. But we need to start getting ready for them and that will be part of the week's process as well as trying to evaluate how we're doing now that we've had an opportunity to pretty much get everything installed and get multiple reps on it. Hopefully we go out there and execute it to a decent level.

Q:Will you be watching Hard Knocks live or on DVR?

BB:What Hard Knocks?

Q:You could find another Danny Woodhead.

BB:Oh, yeah. No, I'll probably miss it, I'm sorry to say. I'm sure if anything great comes out of it you guys will let me know, right?

Q:How does Robert Gallery's decision at this point in camp leave you as you're trying to plug holes in the offensive line?

BB:As we've talked about before, unfortunately if one player goes out then it provides an opportunity for somebody else and that's what it will be – opportunities for other players. I talked to Robert several times in the last few days. He made that decision, I respect it. He's a good player; he had a good career. I'm sorry it didn't work out this year but I understand it and both of us will move on. He worked hard while he was here; did everything we asked him to do.

Q:Can you elaborate on Tony Fiammetta being placed on the exempt/left squad list?

BB:Personal reasons.

Q:What was your experience with him when he was here in terms of his work ethic?


Q:And Derrick Martin was signed?

BB:Right, yeah; add him to the roster. He's had experience at corner, safety and the kicking game.

Q:Kareem Huggins was in and out rather quickly. What happened on that?

BB:It obviously never really got off the ground there. Before we put him on the field, we didn't feel like we could put him on the field.

Q:Have you had to tweak the offense or make any subtle changes over the past few years as Tom Brady has gotten older?

BB:None that I'm aware of.

Q:Any updates on Brian Waters reporting?

BB:No updates.

Q:Would it be the kind of thing that you might want to speed him along a little bit. He came in late last year anyway and showed he could play right off the bat. Sometimes you don't have as many fears with a veteran but the line is a little thin right now.

BB:I don't have any update on that situation.

Q:Do you think the team has all of the fighting at practice out of its system? How much are they looking forward to getting to see a new team at practice this week?

BB:I hope so. That's all a couple days old now so we're moving on. Yeah, I'm sure we're ready as a team to start to work against somebody else. We've seen plenty of each other and that's been good but that's not the way it's going to be during the season. We're going to face new people each week so we start doing it this week.

Q:As far as measuring sticks for your defense, does it get any better than the Saints coming in here?

BB:They're obviously an outstanding football team all the way around – 13-3 last year. They set several historical records in the National Football League. I think their proficiency is pretty well documented. [They'll] definitely be a big challenge. They're good on defense; good in the kicking game. They have a good, strong team; they're solid. They'll have a game under their belt so it will be good competition. [I'm] looking forward to it.

Q:Have you felt a difference in Ryan Mallett this year to last year, having a spring under his belt?

BB:He's way ahead of where he was last year. [He] knows more about what we're doing, I think has a better understanding of what the defense is doing and has run the plays – he's actually run them. Last year, we were putting them in and he had never done them before. This year, he had the benefit of last season and the entire spring. His execution, anybody's execution normally gets better with repetition and that's definitely the case for him too. The more he's had the chance to execute the plays, the more confident and better he's gotten with them.

Q:Very sad news with the Eagles and Andy Reid losing his son. Is there anything on behalf of the Patriots that you want to send their way?

BB:Very sad. Andy is a good friend of mine. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Q:When are the officials coming?

BB:They're coming tomorrow.

Q:Are you looking forward to it?

BB:Can't wait.

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