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Bill O'Brien Conference Call Transcript

Read what Patriots Offensive Coordinator Bill O'Brien had to say as he addresses the media during his conference call on Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

Q: What does losing Aaron Hernandez do to the offense? What is the next adjustment?

BO: We have a lot different guys that play. We're in the process of game-planning right now. We're going to head out to practice tomorrow and we're going to start putting that first and second down game plan in and go from there.

Q: Looking ahead to the Bills defense, what challenges do they present?

BO: Just like every week, every defense presents a different challenge, different personnel, different scheme. This week, starting up front with Kyle Williams, an excellent player, great effort player, never stops playing. [Marcell] Dareus, the rookie from Alabama, he's playing very well for them for a rookie. The linebackers are solid. Nick Barnett, instinctive player, good player. And then the secondary, I think they have two really good corners in [Drayton] Florence and [Leodis] McKelvin, instinctive and good athletes and [they] present challenges because of their athletic ability and their instincts. And both safeties are smart players and understand the scheme that they're playing very well.

Q: How would you characterize the defense they play?

BO: I would characterize it as an aggressive, very disciplined defense that plays with tremendous effort.

Q: You guys have been able to stay out of negative plays. What are some of the commonalities there to staying out of negative yardage situations?

BO: That's something that involves all different areas of the offense. We talk about in the running game, we always emphasize how we want to run the ball each week and what we're going to do to stay away from negative plays. And then in the passing game, it's basically the same thing as far as protection and protecting inside out in the pocket and things like that. So, that's something that we emphasize every single week and every single meeting and obviously in practice. Hopefully we can continue to do that. There have been some negative plays, and hopefully we can smooth those out and keep being productive as an offense.

Q: In the third quarter, the offense kind of stalled a little bit and a bunch of the guys talked about the adjustment that the Chargers had made. What were the main adjustments and how did you guys get it back into gear in the fourth quarter?

BO: I just think that we came in the third quarter and on the first drive, we had a couple of good plays and then I think we had a penalty, [then] a poor run, execution-wise, and that drive stalled. Penalties usually do hurt you on drives like that. Those are drive-stoppers and what happens is what I call self-inflicted wounds. And then the next drive was a three-and-out, which we didn't execute very well as unit. And so I'm not so sure that it was what San Diego did as much as it was our execution.

Q: After a couple of weeks this year as offensive coordinator, how have duties changed for you in terms of preparation for the week? Have there been any differences for you preparing for games and in games?

BO: Absolutely no changes. With our offensive staff, it's a very strong staff of some really good coaches - a mixture of some younger coaches and some guys that have been around for a while. It's a collaborative effort. I'm just the organizer.

Q: When you're running the hurry-up offense and you see a defensive player go down injured. Some people might say it seems like it's a tactic to try to slow down that type of attack. I'm curious if you see it that way and how frustrating it might be if it happens continually?

BO: I think that's a really good question. I would say though - and I'm not trying to pawn this off - that's definitely more of a question for Bill [Belichick]. As far as calling plays and trying to get the play in quickly, whether it's no huddle or not, we're really focused as a staff on the next play or the next two plays. And so when something happens like that, an injury timeout or the other team takes a timeout, we're focused on what we're doing next. The tactics and those types of things, for me, that would be something for you to ask Bill and see what he says.

Q: Can that throw off offensive rhythm though?

BO: No.

Q: What were your thoughts on Dan Connolly, with the change at center?

BO: I thought the whole offensive line played a very good, tough game against a very good San Diego front. Dan was definitely a part of that. Dante [Scarnecchia] does a great job of mixing guys in, making sure that they all play multiple positions and get reps at each position. It actually really starts with Bill [Belichick]. We bring a lot of multiple position guys into the organization and that's who we have right now. We have five guys, six guys, seven guys who all work really well together, and that's showing up on the field. Hopefully that continues.

Q: To that same end, how has Brian Waters looked over the first couple of weeks of the season?

BO: We're obviously impressed with Brian, his whole demeanor and the way he handles himself. He's a 'pro's pro.' He's come in here and picked it up quickly for somebody who wasn't here. I think being in Kansas City with Charlie [Weis] with the communication and the terms, but we do things differently even than Kansas City, obviously, so it's been good. And like I said, all those guys have really played well together.

Q: What did you see from Chad Ochocinco over the last week? Is he moving forward here and taking strides?

BO: I think that whole position is moving forward. Each guy - Chad, Deion [Branch], Wes [Welker] - especially those three guys that have played the most for us, those guys really improved from the Miami game to the San Diego game. I think they are doing little things better. We're a game plan offense, and depending on how teams are playing us, those are the personnel groups we go with and each and every week will be different. That's kind of what's always made us tick around here. As long as we can keep people off balance, that's part of what we try to do, use different personnel groups. Some game, one guy might play more than another guy. Those guys understand that. That's why they're here and they buy into that role. So I think all those guys are getting better.

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