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Bill O'Brien Conference Call Transcript

Read what New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien had to say as he addressed the media during his conference call on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

Q: What did you see the offense doing better in the second half on Sunday?  

BO: Just overall better execution, more attention to detail and overall better plays. So I think at the end of the day, like we did [on Sunday], we have to improve and we believe, obviously, that we have to improve at a more rapid pace.  

Q: What sort of changes, if any, have you seen from the Jets defense since the first time you played them?  

BO: Yeah, I don't really see a lot of changes. I see a really good defense, a lot of guys contributing to their success right now. And obviously, with [Antonio] Cromartie and [Darrelle] Revis, two really solid corners and a really good safety in Jimmy Leonhard in the secondary and their front with Bart Scott, David Harris and Calvin Pace - those guys are doing a good job at linebacker and the defensive line, obviously, is playing very well right now. Like it is every week in this league, it's going to be a real challenge for us.  

Q: Was there something you saw in Tom Brady's fundamentals that led him to be inaccurate early in the game against the Giants?  

BO: No, I don't see anything with his fundamentals. I just think that we all have to do a better job. I really think that we have to do a better job coaching. We have to do a better job playing, just have to do a better job in the game of executing and taking what the defense gives us and then obviously moving the ball and scoring touchdowns. Everybody needs to do better. It's a long season and this is going to be a tough game for us, but we really have to start to improve right now.  

Q: Can you discuss what you go through when facing a team for a second time in the same season?  

BO: That's a good question. In these divisional games - I can remember, I think it was last year or a few months ago, when Bill [Belichick] talked about when he was with the Giants and they would play the Eagles, the Redskins and the Cowboys every single year and how difficult that was because they knew each other so well. It's very similar for us with the Jets. Obviously, there's a lot of strategy involved and from game to game each time you play them [it's] a little bit different - style of play on each side of the ball. We just have to do a great job this week of preparing our guys for that and making sure that we try not to repeat the same mistakes in the first game and build on some of the things we did well from the first game.  

Q: Are you more likely to find areas of improvement after a loss or are there more things to assess after a loss? Or is it equal no matter what the result when looking at the offense?  

BO: We're definitely very critical of ourselves as coaches and players, so I think there are mistakes whether it's a win or a loss that you're looking to correct every week. You're just really striving to improve every week; it's no different this week. We're a team right now that wants to go out there and obviously play better. We have to practice better. We have to help the players better from a coaching standpoint with some of the things that we're going to do and we're putting together that game plan right now and hopefully we'll have a good week. Hopefully we'll go down there and be ready to go.  

Q: Last week you talked about wanting to get Taylor Price involved. Was it disappointing that he was not able to play on Sunday and do you look to get him involved in the game plan this week again?  

BO: Yeah, I really was disappointed for him, but you can't control injuries. He's a good kid and he's worked hard. Really, as it related to that question from last week, I really would like to get a lot of people involved. We play a lot of guys and each game we go into with that thought process and obviously we take what the defense gives us. So, like in this past game, Wes [Welker] and Rob [Gronkowski] had a bunch of catches, but hopefully in the next game we can get some more guys involved. It's not just one guy; it's trying to get a lot of guys involved.  

Q: Was Chad Ochocinco's increased playing time on Sunday situational or was that indicative of where he is at with the offense?  

BO: As usual with that position, like I said with the previous question, we're trying to play a bunch of guys to see who can contribute and those guys practiced really well. Chad's definitely in that group and he's done some good things and there are things we need to do a better job of - getting him the ball and things like that. But that would go for everybody. We have to do a really good job of coaching that position this week and hopefully we'll get some more guys contributing in the game on Sunday.  

Q: How does expectant crowd noise affect the way you practice during the week?  

BO: Again, communication is going to be a really big deal down there because they have a great crowd -a very loud crowd - so we have to do a good job of communicating with each other. All of the positions will definitely practice that each and every play this week in practice. That's something Bill [Belichick] does a really good job of getting us ready for: the crowd noise and things like that. That will definitely be a part of what we have to do to be successful in the game.  

Q: How did Danny Woodhead look to you with his increased workload down the stretch on Sunday?  

BO: He did a good job. I think that's been a very productive position for us, whether it's run or pass in the past and definitely this season. Danny's had a couple injury deals this season, but when he's been in there he's been productive and been a solid player for us.  

Q: How much does not having a legitimate deep threat hurt or hinder your offense?  

BO: I don't really agree with that. I think we have guys that can stretch the field. We have guys that are good vertical receivers, some guys that do a little bit of both, intermediate receivers, short receivers - as far as short area, you know, as far as the zones are concerned. So I don't necessarily agree with that. I just think we just have to do a better job of coaching, playing and a lot better in actually showing what we're capable of doing. Hopefully we do that this week. 

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