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Bill O'Brien Conference Call Transcript

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien addresses the media during his conference call on Tuesday, November 22, 2011.

Q: On the fifth offensive drive [first touchdown drive], when you bring Nate Solder in as the eligible receiver on the second play, what are you looking for there?  

BO: It has been a pretty productive grouping for us all year because we can do a few different things out of it. We're just looking for the matchup versus the Chiefs of a 3-4 defense, things like that. And then the ability to run, play-action, drop-back pass - we can do a lot of different things - screen, out of that grouping. It's been good and it proved to be pretty decent for us last night.  

Q: Specific to Nate Solder, what is he doing out of that? Is he lining up in the same spot? How versatile is he?  

BO: Including him in that group of tight ends because that's what he's been playing, that grouping, he's a versatile guy. He has good intelligence, as does Rob [Gronkowski], as does Aaron [Hernandez] so you can move those guys around pretty well.  

Q: Tom Brady mentioned today the difficulties of getting the ball to the outside receivers. Looking back on the film, were guys open? What could have been better there?  

BO: We have to do a better job of starting the game with better plays, with better execution. Before we go any further, you really have to give Romeo [Crennel] and Kansas City, the defense there, a lot of credit. They came in and played a really good game. They came in and did some things that were really good against what we were doing. We have to continue to go out and execute and have good plays and have good practices and start the game faster. I believe we adjusted well during the game in the first half, in the first quarter going into the second quarter. And then, obviously, in the second half we played better. We just have to start faster.  

Q: What specifically needs to be better about getting the ball to the outside receivers?  

BO: It all works together. It's the protection. It's the route, the coverage that we see versus that route. It's not just the outside receivers aren't open and it's not that Tom [Brady] missed them. It's a combination of maybe something flashed in front of his eyes that he liked better than what took him to the rest of the read. So it's just a combination of a lot of factors that ironed itself out as the game went on and was a little bit better. Obviously it's something we're going to work on and continue to work on.  

Q: What makes play-action work and does having an effective running game have anything to do with that?  

BO: It definitely comes hand in hand in our opinion. In order to have a decent play-action game, you have to be able to run the ball and do the best you can to make those two things look alike. I think our guys really work on it a lot. Our guys really believe in it and everybody really works together there on that: the quarterback, his faking, the backs faking, the offensive line coming off the ball, so it all works together. I really believe that was something we really did a decent job of last night.  

Q: Once you get that out on film, can you use it without having an effective running game?  

BO: There's probably some truth to what you're saying, but at the end of the day, you have to be able to run the ball to make that as effective as you want it to be.  

Q: Tom Brady has been lauded for his ability to hide the ball on play-action. Is that something you agree that makes it work?  

BO: He's a very good mechanical quarterback and part of that is obviously the play-action. He takes pride in all that. Again, they all work together. The backs did a good job of that [and] the line. It's all working in conjunction with each other.  

Q: The offense seems to make adjustments in the second quarter. What is your process of information gathering to make those adjustments?  

BO: We all communicate as a staff and especially you'd notice that between series. We communicate with Bill [Belichick] first and foremost and communicate with Dante [Scarnecchia]. I would say for this year, we've done a good job of that and the players have done a good job of that. After the first series of the game, there's not a lot of adjusting going on. It's more, 'Hey, let's continue with the game play and let's get some more plays on this docket here before we start adjusting things.' So I think that's a little blown out of proportion and at end of the day, for the most part this year, we've been a productive offense. We just need to get better at the beginning of these games and execute better and coach better  

Q: Were the Chiefs doing anything different to Wes Welker?  

BO: For Wes, [it was] quiet as it relates to catches. Obviously he only had two catches, but he does so many other things that help our offense. I don't know if you guys watched the tape, but if you go back and watch it, he was blocking extremely well and helping us in the running game. We rushed for 157 yards. Some of that was because of him and how well he blocked. Obviously, the Chiefs had a good game plan and they did a good job for most of the night and we were able to make some plays as the game wore on and it ended up being pretty good.  

Q: You had the chance to get Shane Vereen some carries. How important is it to see him get game experience and how do you feel he performed?  

BO: Shane's a bright young player who has worked hard. [He] came back from an injury in the preseason with his hamstring and has worked hard to get back in there. Along with Danny [Woodhead] and Benny [BenJarvus Green-Ellis] last night, all three of those guys had solid games. Again, that's a solid position for us.  

Q: Philadelphia's cornerbacks are big name, Pro Bowl-type guys. What have you seen from them?  

BO: Yeah, exactly right. They're definitely as advertised. We all know about Asante [Samuel]. He is a very instinctive player, makes a lot of plays on the ball and [Nnamdi] Asomugha is also in the same category - different skill sets, different types of players, but both very productive players. Their front four - they actually play a bunch of guys up front. Eight, nine guys they play up front are all very explosive players, play very hard and play really well in that system. And the linebackers, you'd say the same about them, too. We have a big challenge on a short week and we have to get rolling here tomorrow in practice.  

Q: Last week Chad Ochocinco had two receptions, but none against Kansas City. How do you put your finger on that with Chad?  

BO: Chad was in there last night. I think he had 11 or 12 snaps and the snaps that he was in there, he did what he was supposed to do. At times, just like in any game with any play, the read of the play didn't always take us to his route. Again, we're just going to continue to build with him in practice and hopefully in the games it will show up more than it has or more than it did last night.

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