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Bill O'Brien Conference Call Transcript - 9/27/2011

Read what Patriots Offensive Coordinator Bill O'Brien had to say as he addresses the media during his conference call on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

Q: You saw a bunch of tipped passes on Sunday. Do you think maybe you'll see more of that now considering how quickly you guys get the ball out?  

BO: The Bills did a good job overall and they did a good job in that area, too. We've just got to keep working on that - we do - we work on that quite a bit in practice throwing through traffic and things like that, so we'll continue to work on it and hopefully that will improve.  

Q: Is there a way to create passing lanes or is that a natural course of a play?  

BO: Again, we'll set up drills in practice - not as it relates to any specific opponent [but] it's just part of our drill work and we'll just continue to work on it.  

Q: Can you talk about Stevan Ridley and how you're assimilating him into the offense and maybe compare his style to any running backs that you know?  

BO: Last week was basically the first game that he had played a decent amount [in]. He's got a long way to go, just like any rookie, as it relates to the overall scheme and knowing what to do and things like that. I think that whole position has been good for us this year and productive. He'll be another guy that we add into the mix there. Again, he's got to improve in a lot of areas and he is a hard working guy. He's his own guy; I wouldn't compare him to anybody.  

Q: I know you guys didn't run the no huddle on Sunday as much as you did the first two weeks. What kind of things go into the in-game decision as to whether or not you guys are going to go no huddle or not?   

BO: I'd disagree with you on that. I totally disagree with you on that. It's just part of our game plan. We're getting ready for the Raiders and we're putting that game plan together right now, and we'll see how it all fits together for Oakland when we get out there tomorrow for practice.  

Q: On two of Tom Brady's interceptions it seemed like the coverage was pretty good on Rob Gronkowski and then on Chad Ochocinco. Were those balls that should not have been thrown or was it the execution of the throw that led to the result? How do you break down those two plays?  

BO: Again, both of those plays in addition to other plays - hats off to the Bills; they played a good game. We made some plays; they made more plays than we did, And now we've got to move onto Oakland and make sure that we're focused on Oakland. Every week in this league is a tough week and it's another big challenge this week. There were a lot of plays in that game that were good and a lot of plays that we wish we all could have back. Let's see if we can improve on those plays and get going on the Oakland Raiders.  

Q: When Tom has tough plays, how do you handle that with him? Do you sit down and go through it with him or does he already know what went wrong?   

BO: As it relates to probably all of the guys on offense, we have a pretty mentally tough crew and also a smart crew. When you have a guy or guys that have played a lot of football, they have a pretty good idea of what they did wrong. Then as a coach, you have to make sure that you show them how they can correct it and things like that. What we try to do during the game is look at what happened and move onto the next series and get ready for that. Then during the week, [we] try to do things to help improve what happened in that last game and get ready for the next game. So it's just an ongoing [process]; it's just part of coaching.   

Q: What are some of the things that Wes Welker was able to do on Sunday that allowed him to have the afternoon that he did?  

BO: Wes is a really smart player and understands our schemes and their schemes as far as defensively and what he's seeing. He has played a lot of football. I would say that about the whole receiving corps as it relates to Deion [Branch], Wes and Julian [Edelman] and those guys. I think there're a lot of things that they see during the week and they prepare [for], and they're going to try to improve on the things that didn't go as well and be ready to go for Oakland.  

Q: What did you make of Chad Ochocinco's performance?  

BO: Chad, just like everybody else in that game - me included - would probably wished to have a couple of plays back. And at the same time, here is a guy and a bunch of guys - coaches included again - that are working hard to correct those mistakes and really focusing on Oakland and trying to get better at the things we all need to get better at, because every week is a challenge. We've moved on from Buffalo; we're focused on Oakland. We're putting the game plan together right now and [we'll] put it out there tomorrow and see how it goes. Each guy will have a part in it.  

Q: How is Richard Seymour playing and what's the best way to handle a guy who's that disruptive in the middle?  

BO: That's a good question. That's a tough question. These guys are really big up front. They're a physical defense, they're fast. Again, that's part of our discussion right now of all the different areas of their defense and how we're going to handle some of the problems all over the place that they present - challenges that they present. So, there are a lot of different things you can do - I'm certainly not going to tell you, but he's playing really well. They're all playing really well right now; it's a really good football team that's playing fast and physical.  

Q: I'll promise not to tell anyone if you do…  

BO: Yeah, right.  

Q: Was there something with the running game early that didn't allow it to get on track with BenJarvus Green-Ellis?  

BO: I would just say overall, like I said, there were issues in the game that we're trying to improve on right now: running, passing, blocking, catching. We're just trying to learn from the mistakes that we made in that game and move on to Oakland and really focus on getting better, and at the same time, putting together a good game plan for Oakland. That's what we're trying to do.

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