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Bill Parcells Post Game Press Transcript - 11/16

Parcells: I give them credit. They have a good team.

BP: They played a lot better than we did tonight. We just didn't give ourselves a chance to win the game. I thought maybe there in the third quarter, late in the third quarter where we had that one decent drive in there. If we could have got on the board there, we might have made it close. As happened all night, we just kind of self-destructed. We had a lot of penalties that kept us from getting much going the first half. Then of course, the turnover bug kind of hit us there. A little bad luck on that, it was a good play by Ty Law, but it was kind of a little bad luck too. So, I give them credit. They have a good team. They really do. Their defense is very solid. We're struggling a little bit on offense now. I thought our defense held its own. We blitzed them a couple times and they hurt us, took advantage of it. But other than that, I thought we were really pretty good on defense most of the way. But they played better than we did. They deserved to win. You know we are still in first place, like they are. We have to just pick it up here and get it ready to go. We have a tough couple of games coming up, but fortunately they are at home. We have two games in the next ten games and we just have to get ready for them. Questions?

**Q: How do you attack urgency the next time out? What more can you do?

BP:** We've just got to execute a little bit better than we're executing, that's all. We were trying to keep the game balanced tonight, didn't want to get into a passing contest. We tried to run the ball. I don't know how many times we wound up running it, but we tried to run it early. I know I think we had run it 17 times the first half. I'm not sure. Or 18. Was trying to keep some balance. But we just couldn't make enough plays to sustain any drives. When we did have a couple of opportunities, which really weren't great opportunities, we got some penalties that set us back.

**Q: How much did not having Joey Galloway hurt?

BP:** I don't know. It doesn't make any difference; you've got to play anyway. I wouldn't use that as an excuse. They didn't have Troy Brown. He's a pretty good player.

**Q: You mentioned self-destruction.

BP:** It wasn't all self-destruction. But I'm talking about from a penalty aspect.

**Q: You had a lot.

BP:** A lot. We hadn't been a heavily penalized team. We had been under six penalties a game here, so that was kind of a surprise to me.

**Q: But they, as they usually do, seemed to have guys in the right place most of the time?

BP:** Oh yeah, they did a good job defensively. They did. Very good.

**Q: Can you describe the two plays at third-and-one and fourth-and-one with Troy Hambrick?

BP:** You mean the two in succession there? The first one was a double lead there and we came up short. And the fourth one, we thought about trying to go outside, retrospectively we should after they made that blitz inside. They had basically their goal line defense in the game and then they made a good penetration on us. That there didn't lose it either really.

**Q: The first interception, should Quincy [Carter] have tried to throw that away, or is that just a good play for [Ty] Law?

BP:** You mean the one that hit…it hit off [Jason] Witten's hands. Witten was trying to turn back and catch it. Law happen to be there, and the ball just kind of bounced to him. He's in the right place, but that is still a little good fortune on their part too. That could have fallen on the ground pretty easily.

**Q: How do you rate the Patriots in comparison to some of the other teams you play?

BP:** I think they're strong. They've got a pretty good size offensive line, when you've got [Ted] Washington and [Richard] Seymour in there, and Ted Johnson. I don't know how much he played tonight. They've got a pretty good size in there. I think they are a good, solid club. I think there is obviously, without some of the receivers like they didn't have tonight, they're not quite as explosive as they could be when they had [David] Patten and some of those guys and Troy [Brown] as well. But I think they're a good team, I really do. I think they've got a good shot.

**Q: On the big plays against Terence Newman, were they coming against the blitz?

BP:** Yeah, the two of them did. On one, he kind of picked himself on the route, the first one. The second one was an under thrown ball.

**Q: Ted Washington and Ted Johnson hadn't played since the first couple of weeks in the season. How much did that affect the way that you were able to prepare for the looks that you were going to see tonight?

BP:** Really it wasn't that we weren't prepared for the looks. I knew when they put Washington in there he was going to play on the nose. Once I knew he was going to start, we knew he was going to be on the nose. He doesn't play too many other spots for them. I don't think they did anything that was super unusual from anything they've been doing, we just didn't do a good job and any little chances that we did have, we set ourselves back with penalties.

**Q: Does this game further illustrate your limitations on offense?

BP:** Well, we've got some. I thought they struggled a little bit too on offense, I really did. But like I said, this season isn't going to be without a few ups and downs. We're still in first place and not many people thought we could be there ten weeks into the season. So we are there. We have an opportunity. Whether we are good enough to take advantage of that, I don't know but we're going to find out.

**Q: You hugged [Bill] Belichick. Was that what you wanted to do, what you thought you should do?

BP:** I'm about tired of talking about that kind of thing. The guy did a hell of a job for me for a long time. People in the media can try to drive a stake between us if they want to, but that's not going to happen on my point. For sure. Okay?

**Q: You said the Pats have a good shot…

BP:** Well I mean, I think they are a good, solid…hey they've got a lot of football left to play too. I'm not anointing them, but I think they've got a good team compared to what we've been playing against and what we've seen, I think they've got a good team.

**Q: Sure but do you think the Cowboys have a good shot as well at this point?

BP:** I don't know. I don't know. I think we have a good opportunity. We are going to have to play a little bit better than we've been playing offensively if we are going to have a shot.

**Q: Terry Glenn only got the ball thrown in his direction three times tonight. Did the Patriots do anything special?

BP:** No. Not too much. No, I don't think so.

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