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Bills Postgame Quotes

Buffalo Bills players comment on their 13-0 loss to the New England Patriots at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday, December 28, 2008.


On it being a frustrating way to end the season
It was tough, tough conditions but you never know what you are going to get here in December. It is definitely tough, guys fought the whole time and stayed in it and we had a chance but came up short.

On being surprised about not going for the end zone at the end of the first half
It was tough to, especially if you try to throw a fade route or something like that, it was really hard to do that because everything had to be driven a little bit. I think we wanted to just play it and kick the field goal and go in with the tie.

On the future here
I don't know, it is tough to say. We are proud of this team, even though we went through a rough stretch during the season, we stuck together and kept fighting and I think that is all we can really ask for.

On being outcoached today
I wouldn't say outcoached, every time you lose a football game it's on everybody. You can say outcoached, outplayed, and out-executed. When you lose, you lose as a team.

On what happened at the end of the first half
Well, the whistle had blown. There was some scrapping going on and the whistle had blown so I thought they were trying to break things up and get it settled. For some reason they let the clock keep going, I don't know if it was intentional or not and I don't think it was handled in the right way.


On the end of the first half:
There were some things going on that I think the refs missed and I think that had something to do with the chaos so to speak. It was just something and we have to be smarter in that situation. We didn't let it affect us, we needed to come out and we had a whole other half football that we needed to worry about.

On how the Patriots handled the end of the first half:
It was definitely part of what they were trying to do. Just keep us on the field as long as possible because they knew that we didn't have any timeouts. It was something that I feel was planned; that's why we just have to be smart about it and know that was something they were trying to do.

On communication at the end of the first half:
The communication in the quarterbacks helmet just wasn't working so he couldn't get the play right. We just wanted to make sure we had the right play. He just didn't get the call, that's why it was kind of late coming in.

On the end to the season:
It's not the way you want to end your season. We came out, we fought hard. Of course you don't want to lose then lose in the fashion we did against the Patriots. A lot of guys, we have nothing to put our heads down, we keep our heads up and it gives us something going into the offseason. We have to put this one behind us and come back to work.

On the possibility of a new coaching staff:
I would love to be with this staff. I love every one of our coaches. I think that would make it easier on a lot of guys if we know we are coming back and we have the same coaching staff, we have the same kind of schemes to work on. I definitely would love for the coaching staff to return. It would make my offseason a lot easier knowing that I could just go watch film and correct the things that we did this past season knowing that's what we are going to work on. If I had a choice or a say in it I would definitely want the same coaching staff here.

*On his lack of carries in the second half:
*I think the wind played a factor in it. It was something that I just wanted to take advantage of every opportunity that I got. I didn't get as many as I got in the first half, but that was just something we had to make some plays in different ways. They made their halftime adjustments so they kind of knew what we were doing and we just tried to go with some different stuff. We didn't get the benefits of our second half adjustments that we wanted. It is something that we just go with what is called and that is what we just try to do.

On the game-plan:
We knew when we heard Wednesday that it was going to be like this. It was something that we prepared for. They were going to try to force us to run so the offensive line and the running backs took it upon themselves to be like a 9-on-7 drill all day and that's kind of how we approached it. We knew it was going to be a tough day passing the ball so we needed to run the ball. It was something that we wanted to take upon ourselves to be able to do and kind of keep some pressure off going to the pass earlier. We felt like we were able to do so, we just didn't get enough plays out of it.

On the weather:
I keep telling everybody, if you play in Buffalo you will see some firsts in everything. To see the wind like that, the field goal was the one thing. The ref came and said 'you know I have been around for a long time and I have never seen anything like that.' This was definitely a first for me to play in wind conditions like this.


On what happened at the end of the first half
That was an interesting situation, our guys were ready to go out and kick a field goal and they did whatever they did to prevent that from happening. Obviously we would have liked to score there and put some points on the board but the situation for whatever reason did not allow for that.

On not winning in the division this season
That is tough, I think the biggest thing is that at the beginning of the year we had a goal to make the playoffs. Obviously we fell short of that and I think that is the most difficult thing to handle because we felt that we started the year off strong. We felt that we had the type of team that could make it to the playoffs and we still do, we feel that we have the guys we need. We have to go out and prove it, we have to play well every Sunday. Other teams are too good to go out there and have average performances. That is the disappointing thing, is that we set a goal to make the playoffs and we fell short.

On too many average performances this year
I think there were too many times there where we didn't play our best football and other teams were able to make plays and we didn't. We didn't take the victories from other teams, we played solid but nothing great happened. That is what you have to do, to win and to make the playoffs you have to make big plays and play solid throughout the game. When it comes down to crunch time you have to be the team to make the big play to win.

*On what has to change
*I think it is the players, we have to play harder. The coaches' do a great job, coach [Dick] Jauron does an unbelievable job of taking care of the players throughout the year and preparing us for each and every game. It is on us, the coaches do the best job they can and on Sundays we have to go out and do our part. That is the most important thing, on Sundays we have to go out and play the game like we have been coached and like we know how to play.


On being sick of being in the same position every year
Definitely. But at least I've gotten the opportunity to be around a really good bunch of guys. Things just didn't work out the way we hoped. We started off great we just need to learn to finish.

On whether 7-9 looks worse than last year given the start of the season
Yes it does. It's a lesson learned. We know what kind of league it is and everybody's fighting for that one goal. We just got to keep fighting.

On the missed opportunity in first half
We felt like it didn't go the way we wanted it to. We work on that situation all the time. We felt like the referees didn't make the right call. When you hear the whistle blow usually the clock stops but it didn't today.

On whether they need to play and coach smarter to win
I definitely think so. You expect things to go a certain way and then they get messed up. I didn't see what happened with Duke (Preston) at the end but we slowed down because we heard the whistle.


On the Patriots passing in the second half
You got to figure they were going to run given the weather conditions, but as the game got into the third and fourth quarter they passed a lot and mixed the run. But no, they didn't catch us by surprise.

*On whether the wind changed the game plan
*Yes it does as a corner because you need to make sure you don't fall asleep with all of those runs. For example, the fake run pass to (Wes) Welker near the goal line we need to be better on those types of plays.

On how to stay alert with all of the run plays
You just have to not assume the run, treat every play individually and act like the ball is coming to you every play. It's easy to get lulled to sleep.

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