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Bills saw less of Seymour in rematch

Richard Seymour left the Bills game just before halftime. He was sidelined for the remainder of the game, and after it was over, he explained that he took a shot to his left elbow.

The Patriots four-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman Richard Seymour left the Bills game late in the second quarter. He later explained that he injured his left elbow on a short run by Willis McGahee. He had a big impact in the season opener against Buffalo, recording a sack and three quarterback hurries. Seymour didn't return to play in Sunday's game and wasn't in the locker room on Monday while the press was there.

After the game, Seymour said, "I just wasn't able to go back in. Injuries are part of the game and hopefully I'll feel pretty good this week and be ready to go next week."

Coach Belichick wouldn't comment on Seymour's condition, saying he didn't know how Seymour felt and didn't want to speculate. The injury report will be released on Wednesday.

Seymour usually plays right defensive end, though he also plays right tackle frequently. Jarvis Green filled in for Seymour at Buffalo, tipping a J.P. Losmanpass late in the third quarter to record a pass defensed from the trenches.

Green spoke to the media Monday about filling in for Seymour, saying, "When a guy goes down we've got to expect someone to be ready. I prepare the same way in practice, I don't take all the reps but I take them mentally. It's the same thing, as far as what we learn. If I was starting the game, it's the same job I'd have to do as (if I were) playing 20 snaps a game."

Green is often thought of as a defensive end, but his team-leading 4.5 sacks currently places him in a tie for 12th in the AFC, and all of those sacks came while he was lined up at inside positions. He said Monday that he feels comfortable at tackle and now prefers playing inside over playing on the edge.

"I do (take pride in it) as far as just learning different positions. I got to be honest, I like the inside a lot better now, just seeing everything, because things happen a lot faster inside. Just getting under control with what's going on, I take a lot of pride in that. I take a lot of pride in being able to play all the positions across (the line), because in this defense, everybody's got their favorite position and I think it helps everybody in the long run."

He said it was tough playing inside at first, because he's small for the position, but that's no longer an issue.

"I mean now, it's fun. It's fun talking to Vince [Wilfork] next to me," he said

Green said he and Wilfork have developed good communication over the last two-plus seasons and can now make adjustments simply by looking at each other.

"Sometimes we don't even talk, because we know each other. It's just like with[Deion] Branch and Tom [Brady], they talked about making adjustments just by looking at each other. We can do that now, but it takes years of practice and preparation."

Green said he'd be prepared to start in Seymour's place if Seymour isn't ready in time for Monday's matchup at Minnesota.

"Like coach says, on defense, you've got to do your job first. I can't practice for the next person. If I have to take the C-gap, I have to take the C-gap. I'll be ready," said Green.


The Patriots didn't hold practice today, but came in to watch film. Few players were seen in the locker room, though Green, Tedy Bruschi, Tebucky Jones and Stephen Gostkowski all held court with the media for short Q&A's. Practice resumes tomorrow and Bruschi said it will be a tough week, since the Pats haven't squared off against the Vikings in a few years.

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