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Blaine Gabbert Postgame Transcript

Q: What were your thoughts out there tonight?  

BG: There were definitely things we need to improve on but all in all, when I was out there I thought we accomplished some things, but we just need to capitalize on opportunities, especially when we are in the red zone. We have to come out with touchdowns instead of field goals.  

Q: How do you think you did personally?  

BG: There's both positives and negatives. We'll watch the film and get a better knowledge of the whole situation. I thought I made some plays, but took a few too many sacks. We just need to throw the ball away sometimes.  

Q: There are a lot of quarterbacks, even seasoned quarterbacks that are somewhat intimidated by the 'Patriots legend.' What were your feelings coming in?  

BG: I was just excited to have the opportunity to play football. I wasn't really intimidated by the stadium or the legend. I just looked at it as a chance to go out there and take a few snaps in a live situation. We are looking at this as more as a practice. We've been in training camp 11 days and we haven't had any rookie mini-camps or OTAs, so a lot of guys are still getting their feet wet, including myself. It was just a good opportunity to get some plays in and get some throws with the live rush and have some fun.  

Q: What did you learn about yourself, your development?  

BG: There's definitely room for improvement. I've been here 11 days, so we're kind of in a crash course in learning the offense. But while I was out there, we didn't have any mental errors. We got all of our plays in on time. We didn't have to use any unnecessary timeouts. We had no delay of games. Like I said we have to capitalize on our opportunities. We were in the red zone numerous times. I took a sack on one. We just need to come away with touchdowns. You aren't going to win a game with field goals.  

Q: What are the things you feel you can do better on?  

BG: We've got to convert third downs. I know I missed a throw on third and short. That just comes with experience, getting with your receivers more than 11 days. We'll be fine. We made some plays out there. Our receivers did a great job. Our O-Line did a great job. We've just got to build on this when we play next week.  

Q: Coach said he played a lot of the backfield. When you get defeated with that score, what do you think about that?  

BG: It's preseason, but personally I don't like getting beat by that many points. But like I said, we were subbing in a lot of guys. A lot of guys were getting reps, so you've just got to take it with a grain of salt. We've had some positive things out of this game, but I guess when we watch film there's definitely things we need to correct.  

Q: Do you feel like you had poise?  

BG: I thought so. I didn't really get rattled. I've been playing football since a young age. I just go out there and do what you do. You can't really get intimidated by the situation, by it being your first NFL game, first NFL start. It is what it is. At the end of the day you've just got to go out there, play football and trust your instincts and make throws.  

Q: Have you always been like this since high school, not getting rattled in situations?  

BG: That's how you've got to be. A quarterback especially has to be calm, cool, collected to lead the offense. There's going to be ups and downs in any game, in any season. You've just got to learn from them. You can't worry about the last play, even if it is an interception or a turn over. You have to move on. One play does not determine a game. That's my mindset.  

Q: But a lot of young guys have trouble with that, you don't seem to.  

BG: A lot of young quarterbacks, quarterbacks in general have the same mindset as me. In the position we play, we can't worry about things that happen last drive, last series. It's just one of those things you need to learn from and move on.  

Q: You were out pretty early for warm-ups before the game. Were you anxious? Any anticipation or excitement?  

BG: I was just going through my regular warm-up routine. I went out there and threw the ball, ran a little bit, got my legs warm. Then I got dressed and played football. Who wouldn't be excited to play in their first NFL game? I was extremely excited. Butterflies are natural. If you're not nervous before something, it's not worth doing it. That's my mindset about things. Everybody is nervous before a football game, especially an NFL game because it means so much to us. All those butterflies go away right after that first hit, that first snap.  

Q: Is part of you just a little disappointed that you didn't get to see Tom Brady play?  

BG: I mean Tom is a great quarterback, but I was worried more about how I was playing.  

Q: What do you think about observing Ryan [Mallett] being in the same situation?  

BG: Ryan did a great job, him being in the same situation as myself. He did a really good job executing the offense.  

Q: Are you eager to move on from here?  

BG: Yeah. I'll watch film. I got the first one under my belt. I'll get better from here, and then we play next week at home.  

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