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Bo Ruud Conference Call - 4/27/2008

Nebraska linebacker Bo Ruud addresses the New England media during his conference call.

Q: What kind of contact did you have with the Patriots before the draft? Did you get an inclination that they were interested?

BR: Of all the teams they showed the most interest in me. They called me quite a few times just to talk to me and to keep in touch. To me they were definitely the team that expressed the most interest in me so I had a pretty good feeling that they did like me.

Q: Did you have face-to-face meeting with anyone from the Patriots? I know they are big on doing black board stuff and testing defensive guys and that is one of your strengths. Did they do any of that?

BR: No, I didn't get to go on any visits really. I only talked to them on the phone a few times.

Q: Obviously one of the things that stick out with you is the Ruud name and with your brother in the NFL. Has he helped you out with this process? Do you think the bloodline gives you any type of advantage?

BR: The only advantage is when I need advice, I can go to my brother and my dad to talk about things and ask them questions about what to do and about how to best prepare myself. Other than that I don't think anyone really cares if my brother or dad played. It definitely helps to have them around for advice.

Q: How do you think your skills translate into a 3-4 defense?

BR: I haven't really ever played any 3-4. I have played 4-3 and played over at the tight end before and have done a little bit of pass rushing. I really don't know where they want me to play, but I basically just want to come in and do whatever I can to make this team and be a part of this team. More than anything I am really concentrated on doing my best to help out this team.

Q: You mentioned earlier you have had conversations with the Patriots. What was that like for you and whom did you get to talk to?

BR: I only talked to scouts, but the scouts were very helpful. They had a few questions for me and we had a pretty good rapport going. New England definitely made me feel like I was one of their guys and it ended up being true that they were interested and wanted me there. They were out of all teams where I really wanted to be and it ended up working out. It was pretty amazing how it happened like I hoped for.

Q: How big of a fan are you of watching film?

BR: I'm kind of obsessive about it. I will tell people that there is not one linebacker in the country that spends more time watching film then me. It's one thing I actually enjoy doing and it helps. I think in football it is really important.

Q: Do you think that is a byproduct of coming from a football family?

BR: I guess it could be. My brothers and me use to do it in high school and when we got to college we turned it up a level. I saw what my brother was doing in college and in the pros. I was actually trying to do what he was doing at the pros at the college level. You just hear about all the great football players doing that and you just try to replicate that work ethic and study habits and see what it does for you.

Q: Giving your film study and preparation what do you think your skills bring to a defense?

BR: I think I am a smart, hard working guy that his teammates can depend on to be at the right place and do the right thing. Every once in awhile I have the ability to make a big play and try to, but more than anything I think the biggest thing is to be a teammate that one can count on to do the right thing so he knows he doesn't have to worry about me. That's something I always take pride in.

Q: Did you have expectations this weekend of getting drafted? Not getting drafted? What round you might go in?

BR: I didn't want to get my hopes up because this process is so hard to get a read on what is going to happen. You get your hopes up and it's a big letdown if you don't get drafted. I just hoped for the best and fortunately it really did work out for me. I lucked out and got into a great situation with the best team in football. I couldn't really ask for anything more than that.

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