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Brandon Tate Postgame Press Conference - 10/31/2010

Patriots wide receiver Brandon Tate addresses the media during his postgame press conference on Sunday, October 31, 2010.

Q: (On the touchdown)

BT: The touchdown was supposed to be one certain play, but didn't work out the right way. When we were meeting with Tom [Brady] last night, he told us to stay alive on all scramble plays. I just turned up field and he saw me and threw it. I just ran and scored.

Q: It looked like he turned his back when you turned up field, like he knew you were going to do it.

BT: Yeah, I guess he might have seen me make the move, get ready to go. I asked him the same thing. I didn't think he saw me do it. I just saw him throw it. So yeah, I guess he saw me make a move and he knew I was going up field and he just trusted me and turned and threw it.

Q: Did you know you could juggle like that?

BT: Oh yeah. At first, I thought it was an interception because I was getting ready to touch (the opposing player) down when I saw the ball come out. So I just played to the whistle.

Q: Why do you go deep on that touchdown play instead of coming back to Tom Brady?

BT: He [Brady] was scrambling and I saw he needed help. So I acted like I was going to run up to get the DB to come up. I just spun around and he saw me and just threw it.

Q: Did you know it was a touchdown as soon as you caught it?

BT: Yeah because I knew the safety was way back, so when I caught it, I knew I just had one guy to miss, so that's what I did.

Q: What kinds of things did you learn from Randy Moss during his tenure in New England?

BT: He taught me how to be a professional, you know? Come in and work every day, just go to work and don't stop until you finish... route running, coverages - just everything about football.

Q: Was Randy Moss a hard teacher to learn from? Was he patient with young guys?

BT: Yeah, Randy was patient, but sometimes, if you make the same mistake two or three times, Randy would start to get on edge. But, I appreciate everything he helped me do and he was a great teacher for me.

Q: What was it like seeing him today?

BT: I just said, 'What's up, Randy?' to him right at the beginning of the game. It was good to see him out there today.

Q: What would you call your celebration out there right before you crossed the goal line?

BT: What, the high-stepping? I guess just high stepping. Just excited and celebrating.

Q: Did it feel good to get your first NFL receiving touchdown?

BT: Yeah, it did. It felt really good.

Q: Was it fitting that it was in front of Randy Moss?

BT: [Laughs] No, it didn't have anything to do with that.

Q: How satisfying is it to play and contribute this time of year considering what you went through in your final year of college and your rookie season?

BT: I'm just happy to be out there and help my teammates win. It's been a hard two years, but I stayed focused and just kept going.

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