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Brian Hoyer Postgame Press Conference

New England Patriots quarterback Brian Hoyer addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Reliant Stadium on Sunday, January 03, 2010.

(on how it felt to play in the NFL)
"It's good anytime you get a chance to get in and play some real live action. Obviously, whenever you go out there you want to win. So I'm disappointed we didn't get that last drive in the end zone. It's just quality reps against a good team, a great team the Texans are. They're fighting for their playoff lives and we just try to go out there and battle. No matter what situation you go in, you want to win. It's a disappointing filling right now."

*(on the status of WR Wes Welker) *
"I don't know anything about it."

(on if he was aware of how much playing time he would get prior to the game)
"No, I think just to be ready for the opportunity that was going to be given and I wasn't for sure when it was going to be. That's my job — week in, week out — just to be ready to go at anytime. I didn't really know. To go in there and take advantage of the opportunities given."

*(on if he was surprised to be in the game during the final drive) *
"That's the situation you want to be in. To go out there and try to take your team down there and score. I just do what I am told. That's my job, to be ready at a moment's notice. They told me that I was going in so I got loose. You hit a few passes and you don't convert it's disappointing."

*(on how disappointed he is about the outcome) *
"It's disappointing because anytime you go out there you want to compete and win. My last opportunity was an opportunity to tie the game for our team so I wanted to go out there and perform well. I think the big thing is that we have the playoffs coming up. So we can just move on and start getting focus on next week and see who we are going to play."

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