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Bruschi a game-time decision

Tedy Bruschi addressed the media today after attending his fifth practice in a row.

Linebacker Tedy Bruschi suffered a broken wrist during training camp. Today was the fifth-consecutive day he's been at practice. He addressed the media in the locker room after practice.

"I just looked at it as, you play football, you can break bones," said Bruschi. "You can pull muscles and you can get injured and that's just what happened to me. Ever since I broke my wrist, I've been trying to just get back to being able to play football again."

Asked how he's felt playing in practice, Bruschi responded, "Practice has gone alright. We'll see how it is Sunday and coaches and trainers will make the decision."

Bruschi spoke about the day he received the injury, saying he didn't know when it happened or how exactly he sustained the injury.

"I realized it after practice was over," he said. "I was able to finish the practice and then once I took my tape job off and let my hand move around a little bit, I figured something was wrong."

Bruschi said that he didn't know he had an injury even after he noticed the pain.

"I've had a sore wrist before and had pain before, so I thought I sort of just needed to rub it out and throw some ice on it. But it continued to give me some pain, so I figured, 'we'll need to take a look at it,'" said Bruschi.

Asked how he felt about his list of injuries in recent years, Bruschi maintained his signature smile.

"Football is a sport where these things happen," he said about his wrist and the stroke he suffered last season. "I don't relate the two. I can't relate the two and I refuse to, because this is totally different. All this was is a broken wrist."

Bruschi said he didn't know if the injury would affect his ability to tackle in a game.

"We'll see," he said. "We'll see once the decision's made whether I can be out there or not. I'm sure once we see how I am on Sunday and how I feel and how I communicate to them and the decisions that the coaches and the trainers make. We'll see once I'm out there."

He also spoke about the cast he's been wearing in practice to protect the injured wrist.

"Of course I've got some padding on and as you guys have seen, I've got a cast on," said Bruschi. "It takes some getting used to, but it's something I just have to do, because that's what you do when you come back from an injury. Initially, there's going to be some adjusting you're gonna have to deal with. All I know is that for now, we want to protect it. I think that's natural with anything. Whether it's my wrist or something else that's suffered an injury, you want to protect it initially to just prevent re-injury."

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