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Bruschi speaks at ring ceremony

Tedy Bruschi was in good spirits after receiving his third championship ring and he addressed the media. Here is the Q&A.

Tedy Bruschi spoke about his newest ring and about his health at the Patriots Super Bowl championship ring celebration Sunday night.

Question: You approved the ring, I hear?
Bruschi: I'm the one player who got a sneak peak. I had seen the 2001 ring early and last year's ring so I had to keep the tradition. Mr. Kraft let me see it early again.

Question: What do you think?
Bruschi: It's my favorite of the three. And believe me, I'm a sentimental type of guy and the first one will always have a special place in my heart, but this one is my new favorite. You look at the second one and it's enormous, but this one … it's big, but it's done right and it's always the one I'll wear.

Question: What's life like for you right now?
Bruschi: I'm just taking my time and making sure things are right and just living one day at a time.

Question: Have you set a timetable?
Bruschi: That's the thing. The organization has been so supportive of me. I'm not pressured with any timetable. My family and I are worried about my health and we're just making sure I'm getting better and that's the only thing we're focusing on right now.

Question: Does three rings make it easier to take your time?
Bruschi: Absolutely not because football is football to me. It's something I love and is something I'll always want to do. But I have to think about my wife and my sons and make sure things are right.

Question: Can you talk about what you've been cleared to do?
Bruschi: I'd rather not talk about that.

Question: The new linebackers have talked about how helpful you've been in meetings.
Bruschi: Yes I was in meetings. It's a defense I've been a part of for years. I know the ins and outs like the back of my hand. I know what Bill's going to call before he calls it. I know Eric and I know how he's going to handle things so if I can give them a couple of tips while I'm just in meetings right now, I'll do that.

Question: Did it feel odd to miss mini-camp?
Bruschi: Absolutely. It is odd not participating in the mini-camp, but like I said, there are more important things and I have to worry about those right now.

Question: Is there a fourth ring in your future?
Bruschi: A lot of things have to happen. Even before I talk about that, I'd talk about the next practice or the next meeting or the next game. That's how I'd handle that.

Question: What are these nights like? Are you an emotional guy?
Bruschi: I'm very emotional and, shoot, I've been emotional for the last six month, and tonight I was also emotional. This is special to me to be around the guys and the families and see the kids running around. It's a lot of fun.

Question: Is the ring special for the symbolism rather than just all the diamonds?
Bruschi: This symbolizes fighting to stay awake in meetings, pushing yourself in the weight room, sucking it up for those three hour practices and going out and giving it everything you have on game day. I see all of that. I experience all of that. I hear the fans when I look at this. I smell the grass. All of that. It's all encapsulated into this ring.

Question: With all you've been through, does the ring have special meaning?
Bruschi: Yes. It's been a tough year so far. It's been a roller coaster. My son being born, winning the Super Bowl, going through what I've gone through having the stroke. So it's an emotional roller coaster. Coming here and celebrating the accomplishments of last year makes me feel special. … But I feel great and I'm doing well.

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