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Buccaneers Postgame Quotes - 8/24/2012

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaches and players comment on their preseason game against the New England Patriots at Raymond James Stadium on Friday, August 24, 2012.


(Opening statement)
"Definitely came out and played better this week than last, which we needed to do, so that's a good starting point. A lot to work from this week in practice and from this tape, so it's good. It's [only] preseason, but we got a little better this week, which is good."

(On G Davin Joseph's injury)
"We'll get an evaluation tomorrow; we're going to do a test, so we'll see. He's one of our leaders you know, if not our leader."

(On the team's play this week)
"I thought we played faster [and] more physical. It wasn't anything different - the calls were essentially the same calls – [but] we're just going to do what we do."

(On opening drive)
"It was a good drive, I thought, mixing up run and pass. I think Josh [Freeman] at one point was five-of-seven, and the two incompletes were drops, so he would have started the game seven-of-seven. It was good to see Josh and Vincent [Jackson] get going together. That's going to be an important connection so it was good to see."

(on S Mark Barron)
"Mark played faster this week. He looked more confident in what he was doing, and that's what rookies do. They learn and they get better, and going against the competition he did in practice this week, I think it all kind of got more comfortable for him. Now he needs to get that much more comfortable as we prepare for the regular season."

(On injuries putting the preseason in perspective)
"I think when you're a football player or a football coach, you have to approach everything the same, because, why are you doing preseason? You're getting ready for the regular season. So when a guy goes down, it's hard, because you care about the guy, but the mentality is that you have to go, otherwise someone else is going to get hurt. You have to go back out and play hard, you have to put that aside. But when you get in the locker room after the game and you know your brother is hurting, then it becomes a tough moment. Football injuries are part of this game, we know that. I hope that tomorrow we get better news, but right now I'm concerned."


(On the opening drive)
"It was a good start. We were able to run the ball, we were able to be effective on a few third downs, and, ultimately, when we got down in the redzone, we were able to do what we needed to do. Our identity as an offense is to run the football."

(On the chemistry with WR Vincent Jackson)
"I felt like, since the offseason, we've been each week, each day, trying to get better and better together. I feel like it has improved and it's going to continue to improve."

(On G Davin Joseph's injury)
"It's unfortunate. Davin's one of our leaders. He's a tough guy; a hard-working guy. You always hate to see one of your teammates being carted off the field."

(On Tampa Bay's defense)
"The defense did great. They scored, they set us up with good field position all night, and they really set the tone. It's fun to go out and be able to play with good field position, play with the lead. I think, if anything, we all need to get better offensively. At the same time, it was fun and good to go out and get that much playing time. It's kind of a tune-up game heading into the regular season."

(On getting better this week)
"I don't think you can measure that. You don't really set an exact number on how much you got better. I think you just have to continue to strive for excellence. It's something that every day you have to go into with the thought of trying to be perfect and you'll never reach it but if you keep striving for it, you'll be the best you can be."

(On playing with QB Tom Brady during the week at practice)
"You just watch the tempo [New England] operates at. There's a number of things. [Brady] is obviously a great quarterback, and any time you can have a great quarterback in your backyard, you just see how he goes about his daily operations. It's a great thing especially for young quarterbacks. It was definitely really cool and a lot of fun."


(On the opening drive)
"You want to come out fast, come out blazing, and show what Buccaneer football is all about. That first series was really what made that statement."

(On getting into a rhythm)
"As a running back, you definitely want to have that rhythm, [and] feel[ing] that defense around and things like that definitely helps with the rhythm. You have to be able to go in and at any time be able to bust a big run."

(On extending plays)
"It happens a lot of times. [Defenders] think I'm going down; they don't know that I got the hand down and I'm still up. It definitely becomes an advantage."


(On adjusting to the new defense)
"It's still a process right now. We got Dekoda [Watson], Quincy Black, we got [Lavonte David], we got great linebackers, but all of us are just getting used to it. Especially Quincy and me; we come from a different defense. This is our third coach and fourth different defense. We're still getting comfortable. We're trying our hardest to buy in and, once we do, you see how successful it is: we're getting to the quarterbacks a lot."

(On blitzing)
"We're going to try to bring that heat and make the quarterback make a quick decision. […] we get to use Quincy's speed, Dekoda's speed, my size and Mason's size; we get to kind of bring that pressure. We like the change it's awesome."


(On sacking QB Tom Brady)
"I rushed and dipped on him, and somebody else tried to get me, then I dipped again. He was just right there, so I said I might as well sack him. I just went out there and made that play."

(On differences between tonight's game and last week's game)
"I think last week we had five three-and-outs in the first quarter. This week [the Tampa Bay offense] played longer, and you got to see the unit working more together. This just feels good to go out there and actually just keep going and going."

(On the new defensive system)
"I think they're asking us to be more disciplined, and I think that at the end of the day that's helping us out. People are in the places they're supposed to be."


(On the game)
"We just played fast today; played with a lot more confidence than we did last week against Tennessee. This team still has a long way to go. Obviously [Head Coach Greg Schiano] has a new system, new coaches, so this is something we can certainly build on. I think everybody will be pretty encouraged by the film, but just because we beat or played well against one of the dominant teams of the league, it means nothing at this point. We'll just continue to get better. We put in a lot of hard work this offseason and training camp. It's good to see it show up on the field today."

(On G Davin Joseph's injury)
"It's an awful experience. It's nothing you would ever, ever want. We'll all pray for Davin. Hopefully he heals and gets a chance to come back eventually. […] Whether it's Ted [Larsen] or somebody else, they got to find a way to fill that role. [Joseph] is a leader on this football team."

(On the first-team defense)
"It [was] shades of years past, when a quarterback under duress makes our jobs in the back a little bit easier. Like I said, we're learning a whole new deal now. Once you get comfortable with it, you can go start playing fast, and we certainly have the athletes to do that, who can make plays and do their job better than anybody else, and make us a good defense."


(On the game)
"I feel like it went good; I felt good when we got out there. I felt kind of fresh, and I felt like it was a good night."

(On facing QB Tom Brady)
"I felt like we did a great job against him and put a lot of pressure on him; like we had him rattled a little bit. I feel like we did a great job with him tonight."

(On the defense)
"We have a lot more room to go, most definitely. This is a glimpse of what we want to be. We came out and everybody did their job tonight, everybody ran to the ball and finished on plays. We got good results from that and that's what happens when we do those things."


(On being consistent and being a leader)
"I'd much rather kick extra points [than field goals], but when I'm called upon, I just try to do my job like Coach [Schiano] asks and try to put them through the uprights, pretty simple."

(On injuries during the game)
"All you can do is pray for them and hope that they get better, and get back for the season because they are definitely a big part of our team."

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