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Buffalo Bills Post Game Quotes

TRAVIS HENRY, RB(On Today’s Game and End of Season)There are going to be some changes made, last year we worked on Defense, Offensively (this year) we didn’t play very well. Today, as a team we go out playing for pride.

(On Today's Game and End of Season)
There are going to be some changes made, last year we worked on Defense, Offensively (this year) we didn't play very well. Today, as a team we go out playing for pride. The whole team left everything out there and tried to make plays, but it didn't come up our way.

(On Today's Game and missing Ruben Brown)
Good guys who did the right thing, but it just didn't work out. We always go with the guys who are ready to go. It starts with me, guys have been stepping in all year and we just have to be ready to go. My job is trying to get the guys that were here ready to go. Effort has not been the issue with this team, that's disappointing part.

(On Today's Game)
During the week, I really didn't think about it that much, on the way here it was a surreal experience, it was final steps as far as closure is concerned, I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to most of my fans, now its over and done with, It will be fun to come here and compete in another ballgame.

(On the disappointing Season)
The thing that I kept trying to do is to keep everybody's spirits up, as far as the home team advantage, they deserve it.

I am proud to be a Buffalo Bill, and I am proud of the way we fought out there all year. The irony is we beat them 31-0 and sure enough, and Boom its 31 to 0.

(On Last play of the game)
You have a long drive the length of the field and we don't get it in. It is kind of indicative of how we played the game.

(On the 31-0 score)
We talked about that on the sideline, that it was ironic, we beat them 31-0 at home and they returned the favor. We didn't play well enough to do anything.

(On Ruben Brown)
I have not talked to him this week, I saw him at the facility but I didn't get a chance to talk because we were doing our thing as a receiver. The offensive line was doing there thing. I think the guys are a little upset and feel he deserved better than that, but at the same time they made the decision to do what they did

(On Changes in the Off-season)
At this point I don't know what we need. I know we need to win. We have to wait until next year to do that, I think definitely there will be changes for a lot of players.

(On PATS Offense)
They came out with the no huddle and it didn't really catch us off guard we knew they were going to come out and do that, but just the quick passes, they execute well, you have to take your hats off to Brady, he is a good quarterback, their receivers made some great plays today.

(On the season)
This was just the icing on the cake. It was an extremely frustrating and difficult season.

(On the score)
I am sure that is something they can feel good about, beating us by the same score we beat them by, they are a good football team.

(On the Bill's Defense)
I think we played well, we still could have played better.

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