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C.J. Spiller Conference Call Transcript

Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 28, 2011.

On the approach going into Sunday's game:
Same as it has been the past couple games: just go out there and prepare the best way we can and come Sunday lay it on the line. And we know that they need to win and everything that comes with it, so it's a great team. But at the same time it's a big opportunity for us to play to our best abilities and then go play our best football.

On finishing the season on a high note and the opportunity to sweep the Patriots:
It would definitely give us a lot of momentum going into the offseason, so we're looking forward to the challenge. It's not going to be easy because you know it's not going to be a lock for them as well so these guys, I don't remember last time a Patriots team has been swept.  We're not concerned about that. We're just concerned about trying to play our best football.

On the difference between the team in Week Three and now:
We just weren't making those plays that we normally would make. We really haven't changed too much else so it's the same thing that we were doing at the beginning of the season that helped us be successful.  We had that little seven game skid where we just weren't making those plays that we were normally making.

On the most difficult part of the losing streak:
Anytime you lose it's always hard.  I think, for me, it was probably the way we were losing. I think other guys would probably be different but overall a loss is a loss. I think the way we were losing those games was probably the hardest part.

On how Head Coach Gailey has kept the team going in a positive direction:
Each week is different and the victory of margin is big for them.  You have to be on top of your game each and every Sunday and any team can be beaten.  We just do a great job when we were going through that seven game losing streak we prepared the best way we could and we just weren't getting the results we felt we wanted. I don't think it was anything magical that coach can do or say. It was just a team that's got a lot of character on here and we're just coming here and preparing the best way we could. But we just weren't getting the results we really wanted.

On his view of New England QB Tom Brady and other top QB's as their peer:
It's not just the quarterback's success. I mean there are guys out there catching the ball and there's guys blocking. Those guys are back and that's why they're the best at their craft.  We definitely have the upmost respect for those guys and for Drew Brees to break Dan Marino's record that has stood for 27 years. That was something that he made, he came close I think last year and fell short but this year to see that, how many times are you going to see that really? It took 27 years so to have a guy in our own division that's throwing the ball the way Brady does you know, when he does it against other guys it's an amazing play.  You just hope for him not to do it against you.

On the way he and Miami RB Reggie Bush are playing lately:
You always need two running backs in this league (on a team). You just take too much pounding on one body on one person.  Reggie (Bush) does a phenomenal job since he's been with Miami. I think he went over 1,000 yards for the first time in his career so that speaks volumes about what he does.  People know he can go outside and then he showed that he can go inside, and you also have to worry about him catching the ball out of the backfield so that's a lot to prepare for if you're a defensive coordinator.  So, I guess that would be the main thing to open up people's eyes about having a first down like Reggie.

On the experience of beating New England earlier this season:
It was a great feeling. Of course we were down 18 points so we never stopped believing.  We just came in at halftime, made some adjustments and like I said we made those plays that we should have been making on the seven game losing streak and we were able to turn the momentum and get our crowd back into it.  It was an awesome feeling but that was back then and there still totally different types of games.  These guys are obviously going to the playoffs and we're not.

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