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Call him bow-tie Brady

Tom Brady is making the social rounds yet again!


As is customary this time of year, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been making the rounds at some pretty high-profile social events the last couple days.

First, Brady was once again on hand for the running of the Kentucky Derby. He watched alongside the owner of Orb, the horse that ended up winning the race, and Brady himself was pretty excited about the outcome. Some reports have indicated that Brady may have had a small bet on Orb, but regardless he seemed genuinely excited with the results as he celebrated with a number of former teammates including Tedy Bruschi, Dan Koppen and Wes Welker.

Then, on Monday night Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, took to the red carpet in New York City for the annual Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

At both events – which have a focus on high and unique fashion – Brady sported a bow tie. Gotta love the blue jacket, too. Maybe that's his fashion statement this year. We used to watch the length of his hair, now maybe it's all about the neck tie!

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