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Cardinals Postgame Quotes

Arizona Cardinals players comment on their 47-7 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, December 21, 2008.

Kurt Warner, Quarterback
(On being able to get past your performance)
"I can't get past any of them, especially at this point in the season. It's tough to shake anything. I don't know. We just have to figure some things out and get back to playing some good football again, because we're not doing it right now."

(On the confidence waning in the Arizona locker room)
"I think so. I mean, you put a couple of performances together like we have the last two weeks and you definitely don't feel invincible."

(On clinching the division so early having an affect on the team)
"I guess its hard to say, because of this team and where we've been and the big deal that was made out of that and a lot of guys that had not been in that position before. I guess maybe, but come on, if that's it, then get over it. We haven't done anything yet. I don't know, I don't know if you can say that its contributed to that, but if it is, we've got to pick it up and get past that now and say there is more in front of us. If we want to take a chance, lets take it. If we're happy with winning a division, then I guess that's all we'll do this year. Hopefully we get our mind set on doing more than that and not just getting into the playoffs, but doing something."

Anquan Boldin, Wide Receiver
(On Arizona's current losing streak)
"I am not sure what it is but it is obviously something. My main focus is the playoffs, although you want to be playing great football going into them, you cant let these last two weeks define the season. I feel like if we have to win we can. When that time comes, you will see the same exact Cardinals team that you saw earlier in the season. I am not worried at all."

(On not playing in today's game)
"It was a case of just being smart. Any time you have a game you want to be on the field, but the most important thing right now is being healthy for the playoffs."

(On the Patriots)
"They are good team, a playoff team, and they have smart coaches and play sound football."

Antrel Rolle, Safety
(On Arizona's current losing streak)
"I wouldn't necessarily say something is missing, but I do think we are getting away from what got us in the position we are in, which was winning our division. It is all about execution and there are not too many excuses to make for a game like this. I mean it was 47-7. It was embarrassing last week and even more embarrassing this week. It is not something that we can brush off our shoulder. They are a great team. There is no doubt about it. We consider ourselves a good team also, but we haven't been playing like it."

(On being a young leader on the team)
"I am actually going to go home and think about it and watch this game over and over again because something has to be done."

Reggie Wells, Guard
(On the loss)
"We have to fix whatever it is we have to fix. We are going into the playoffs so we have to do whatever we have to do. We worked hard all week and we had a game plan coming in. We tried not to let them control the clock like they like to. We just didn't get it done early. It was a rough start and they were rolling out there."

(On the weather)
"That is just an excuse. We came out there and it wasn't cold, or whatever. Forget what they say about the east coast trips. They just beat us straight up."

Matt Leinart, Quarterback
(On how it felt to play again)
"It was nice to play. Obviously you want to win. It is always nice to play."

(On Matt Cassell)
"We talked a few times this week. I just told him I was happy for him. He has done a good job and he is playing well. He has done a great job with handling all the pressure."

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Cornerback
(On what went wrong)
"They adjusted to our game plan well and utilized theirs better than us. We have one more game and we have to use that game as a proving point, capitalize off of everything we did wrong here. "

(On the weather)
"Towards the end it did (get to us). We let the cold settle in. It had nothing to do with it at first. This was my first time ever playing in the cold like this. Ever in my life. When I first got out here I kept looking around, looking at the snow and trying to catch it with my tongue. It was real fun, at first."

Antonio Smith, Defensive End
(On the weather)
"I don't think the weather was a factor. We have to come back together and win games. They had a good game plan and a couple big plays early. They could pass in the snow too. (The weather) affected our footing, it took a while to get the right footing on the turf out there. But I don't think it was much of a factor. The only factor in my opinion was getting your footing. It took us a while, probably about three series to play the right technique to get our footing on the ice and snow. That was my first time playing in that type of weather. It was no fun to me."

Steve Breaston, Wide Receiver
(On his general thoughts on today's game)
"They executed better than us."

(On moving forward to next week and getting ready for the playoffs)
"The biggest thing is, we have to refocus. We need to start executing no matter what the conditions. We can't let distractions get to us, we just need to go out there and play our game. We can't point fingers, everyone needs to be accountable for their own actions, we just need to go out there and start winning ball games."

(On starting for Anquan Boldin today)
"Just play hard, whatever came my way and just make the plays. There were a few opportunities today. Go out there and block well and just execute what they had planned for me in the offense."

(On his chemistry with Kurt Warner)
"It needs to get better, as far as heading into the playoffs, we need to be running on all cylinders. After this game, we need to pick up where we left off and refocus, do what we normally do, move the ball down field."

(On being comfortable in the offense)
"The majority was last year, towards the end of last season I knew what I needed to do to become a complete receiver and it's carried over to the offseason and I have continued to work hard to carry it over to this season."

Karlos Dansby, Linebacker
(On the game)
"What can I say? They made some plays today. It was tough sledding it on defense, there was terrible footing. We can't make any excuses; we didn't play well. We didn't play well at all. "

(On the weather)
"Trying to get traction was the biggest obstacle. They didn't do anything special."

(On the next game)
"I think we can (turn it around), we don't have anywhere else to go but up. Our backs are against the wall, if you want it you have to go get it."

Sean Morey, Wide Receiver
(On the game)
"We played a good team, they are a very well-balanced team. They are physical, smart, well disciplined and they know how to play in this element. You have to respect the job that they did. Unfortunately we were not prepared and we didn't execute the game plan. "

(On the recent losses)
"The only consolation in something like that is, I think the team stayed together. Nobody was pointing fingers, everybody was trying to be supportive. I think this team can do something great."

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