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Carolina Panthers: What they're saying


On Rob Gronkowski...
"He's a big, physical tight end. He uses his size very nicely. Some of the things you see him do, it's almost like a basketball player boxing you out. He has enough speed to get vertical on you, and he catches the ball very well."
- Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera

On playing the Patriots...
"The opponent right now is the New England Patriots, THE New England Patriots. We have to pack our lunch and come into work with a clear head and sound mind. We know we have to put our best foot forward."
- Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton

"Each team has its own personality, has its own way of doing things. The hard thing about this team, watching this team, is that there are a lot of guys that have been hurt or are coming back from being hurt. So, it's hard to really get a good gauge as to who they are or what they are going to be as we get ready for this football game. The key though is, I believe, that everything starts with the quarterback. Tom Brady is most certainly one of the elites in this league. He does a lot of great things for their offense, so everything we do for us will begin with the quarterback."
- Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera

On defending against Tom Brady...
"I've been watching him forever, but what he does well is he's like Peyton [Manning], he's like Eli [Manning], he's like those guys that – they're going to do their best to figure out what you're in, they're going to be smart, they're going to get their team in a position to be successful. He's going to make audibles to the line, get themselves in the route concepts that are effective against the defense we're in. So we need to do a good job of just playing our defense, playing assignment football, and just concentrating on what we need to get done."
- Panthers LB Luke Kuechly

"Tom Brady is so poised. He can kill you if you let him stay on his spots. Any kind of penetration, collapse or pressure we can get is to our benefit."
- Panthers Defensive Tackle Star Lotulelei

On playing on Monday Night football...
"Everyone's excited here. I think the city is real excited and the guys on the team are excited. Monday Night Football, there's not a whole lot of motivation outside of what it is – Monday Night Football, one game on TV, and we're just excited to play.
- Panthers LB Luke Kuechly

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