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Celebrating National Best Friends Day, Patriots Style

Here are five ways to honor the holiday with your Patriots leading the way.

Whether it's meeting your guy in the end zone to celebrate an 84-yard punt return or celebrating a game winning interception, you can always count on your best buddies to be there for you when it matters. In honor of National Best Friends Day, here are five things you can count on from your partner in crime.

1. Getting your act together

Let's be honest, there are plenty of times when we've been sluggish to get even the most important things done.  A true best friend knows when to snap you out of it and call you to action.

2. Endless fun times

Whenever you and your best friend get together, you know that it'll be a good time no matter what you do. Since you know you and your friends are hilarious, YouTube videos are a must.

3. Supporting you on your big days

Whether it's graduation or a certain walk down the aisle, you need your person to be by your side. This offseason, Devin McCourty and Duron Harmon married their longtime loves and they both supported each other on their respective days.


A post shared by Duron Harmon (@dharm30) on

4. Open to your unique wardrobe

Onesies/jumpsuitsand plaid may be required.

Only 100 Made In Each Color. #inmyKiDRiD #DannyAmendola #KiDRiD

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5. Sharing the ultimate BFF jewelry

Who better to have matching rings with than your championship winning teammates?

Here's to the greatest day with your best friend.

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