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Chad Ochocinco Interview Transcript

Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco spoke to the media on Saturday, July 30, 2011.

Q: Welcome to New England, how is it to be here?

CO: It's good to be in heaven. It feels really good.

Q: You were talking about comparing Foxborough to heaven, is the whole process that serendipitous?

CO: Yeah, it's exactly what I thought it was. Being able to come in here - the first meeting as soon as I got here with Mr. [Robert] Kraft [was] unbelievable. He welcomed me with open arms. I spoke with coach [Bill] Belichick and he did the same. We had our normal talk, our normal chat like we always do when I get the chance to play against him. It sort of went the same way and other than that, I am ready to rock and roll.

Q: You have been hinting at this for quite some time now, the possibility that you could end up with the Patriots. When did you really have an idea that it was really possible and more than something that could happen?

CO: I don't know, for a little bit.

Q: You have obviously got a giant personality and you generally carry out your business in a different way than the Patriots generally do. Going forward, do you have any plans to tone things down or are you going to continue to be "Ocho?"

CO: I will always be me. It has been a part of my game to always be me, but there is a certain way the Patriots do it and it's easy for me. I've always been a chameleon so, I am going to blend in and do it the Patriot way, which is win. I think Bill [Belichick], we had our talk and without him even having to saying anything- there is no need for some of the stuff I did before. There's no need for it.

Q: Are you grateful to Cincinnati for letting you go and the Bengals for being willing to trade you out?

CO: I'm just thankful for the experience. The [Cincinnati] Bengals drafted me and I like to always say that the fans made me who I am today. I am grateful for all that [Cincinnati fans] have done and I'm grateful for all that Mike Brown has done for me, being able to provide for my family and things of that sort. Especially [coach] Marvin [Lewis], regardless of what everybody thinks from the outside in, kudos to Marvin and everything he has done and [for] everything he has put up with with me. I thank Cincinnati and the organization and everything they have done for me. It's a new chapter in my life and I'm happy to be here. It is going to be a little quite. You won't get the same Chad you are use to and I probably won't be talking to the media much, probably not at all really. I just want to play ball and ride the wave.

Q: For 10 years, you were in one place and eight years under the same coach, and in a few days everything changes. Is this all kind of still sinking in for you?

CO: No, not at all. Once I walked in here and Mr. Kraft and Belichick gave me my angel wings I was set and I'm going to soar.

Q: You were the best receiver in football from 2002-2007. You haven't been as productive statistically since then.

CO: It's hard to maintain a high level of productivity when things are always up and down. The thing about this place [is that] it's consistent. It's always been consistent on the offensive side of the ball and defensively, so that always me to be able to be consistent also. There is only so much that I can control and the position that I was in, in Cincinnati I did the best I could to my ability, and I did it in sort of a noisy way and that says a lot for me - to be able to talk it and still walk it. To be able to come here, regardless of who is in, they get it done here, regardless. I call it riding the wave; I am going to enjoy it.

Q: What did you have to do to get your number?

CO: Nothing. This was Mr. [Aaron] Hernandez's way of greeting me here. He gave me the number and I didn't have to pay anything, I just shook his hand and I said, "thank you."

Q: Are you going to reward Aaron Hernandez with a nice night out after a big game?

CO: Yes. I drive a Toyota Prius, so I was going to let him use my Prius on the weekends, and that's about the best I can do right now. I have some left over McDonald's coupons since I don't eat there anymore.

Q: What kind of relationship have you had with Tom Brady over the last couple of years and what's it like being with him the last couple of days?

CO: Tom and I are cool, we are really cool. This has been a joy. I don't get to talk to him much except when we played him, but we have had conversations on and off the field. I respect him; he is the best at his craft. I've always called him a surgeon and it's going to be fun being one of his patients, so I am going to enjoy it.

Q: What do you think about this group of wide receivers with Wes Welker and that group?

CO: Good, they are good. I am watching [Wes Welker], we all have different styles of play and all of us bring something different to the table, but they are really good. Everybody is proven here, even myself. I have come in and proven that I can play in this offense and just have fun quietly and that's about it.

Q: Do you consider this a rebirth? Reenergizing your career?

CO: Yeah, I guess that's a way to put it if you want to.

Q: What has Tom Brady told you about the key to success here and what you have to do to work with him?

CO: Just play, that's it. He knows what I can do already, just play. My job becomes that much easier because of him, because of my surroundings and there's nothing extra I have to do. That's it.

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