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Chandler Jones Conference Call Transcript

Patriots Defensive End Chandler Jones addresses the Baltimore media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 18, 2013.


On how much they are looking forward to this game: "This is another game on the schedule that we have to win. Our goal every week is just to win this game. We're not talking about last year, but just this year. We're just moving forward and just being consistent and winning."

On when he realized the rivalry the Patriots have with the Ravens: "We feel like that is every team this late in the season – not just the Ravens, but every team. If you play a team late in the season, it's more important. Like I said, mistakes can't be limited; they have to be eliminated."

On if he has talked to his brother, Ravens DT Arthur Jones, and if his other brother, Jon, has visited: "Jon [Jones] hasn't been up here. He has been up here for one of the games, actually last year. I haven't spoken to Art [Jones] yet, either."

On if he will talk to his brother, DT Arthur Jones: "No, I actually haven't spoken to him in a week or two. He might call me, or he might not. I don't know."

On head coach Bill Belichick's demeanor behind the scenes: "We just want to do our jobs. Our biggest thing is to win – that is our goal week-in and week-out. [We] stay levelheaded and just focus on our task at hand."

On the play of his brother, DT Arthur Jones: "Art [Jones] has been doing good. He's been working on his pass rush and working on his run stops. He's becoming an all-around defensive tackle from what I've known from the two years I've been playing in the NFL, which isn't much. He's been playing very well. I'm happy for him, and good luck to him."

On if it was bittersweet when his brother got to go to the Super Bowl last season instead of him: "That was last year. This is a new year, and hopefully we can get this win on Sunday."

On what Miami did well against the Patriots last week: "That was last week. We don't want to move back. We're just trying to move forward and talk about the Ravens."

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