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Cheers for Our Hero: Jared Brown!

Congrats to Jared Brown, our Hero of the Week!


Congrats to Jared Brown, our Hero of the Week! Jared's wife nominated him with the submission below:

"My husband deserves to be the Hero of the Week because of the love that he has for this country. We are originally from Massachusetts and are currently stationed at Fort Riley in Kansas. My husband is deployed to Afghanistan at this time and will not be home until early next year. He has sacrificed so much since joining the Army. He missed the birth of his daughter and won't meet her for another few months. He reports to duty every day to help ensure the safety of the men and women he works with and to ensure our freedom here in the USA. He is also the biggest New England Patriots fan I have ever met." – Leann Brown

Nominate someone to be our next Hero of the Week!

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