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Cheers for Our Hero: Michael Pfoutz

Congrats to Michael Pfoutz, our Hero of the Week!

Ryan Allen

Congrats to Michael Pfoutz , our Hero of the Week! Michael's wife nominated him with the submission below:

"My husband has been in the Ohio Army National Guard for 21 years now. He is planning on fulfilling 30 years. He served in Desert Storm in 1990-1991, and he served 8 weeks in Honduras, Central America, helping cook for the soldiers building schools and such. He also served in Iraq in 2009-2010. He is my hero. I am so proud of him. He is an E-7 and is in the process of working on his next rocker and becoming an E-8. He is in charge of the Units Mess section and helped the Air Force win the Disney award one year. He is a huge football fan, and he enjoyed watching a hometown boy play so many years for the Patriots – Matt Light. We used to watch Matt play when he was in high school in Greenville, Ohio. Michael says it is always exciting to see anyone from a small town make a great life for themselves and then turn around and help those less fortunate. I would be so proud to see my husband as your Hero of the Week. From a very proud Army wife!!! – Delana Pfoutz"

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