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Cheers for Our Hero: SSG Paul S. Yuhas

Congrats to Paul S. Yuhas of the U.S. Army, our Hero of the Week!


Congrats to Paul S. Yuhas of the U.S. Army, our Hero of the Week! Paul's wife nominated him with the submission below:

"SSG Paul S. Yuhas is an exemplary member of the United States Army. He has dedicated his life to serving in the armed forces. He has been deployed four times to Iraq and exhibits the qualities of a great leader and soldier. He has never voiced complaint in serving and is truly deserving of the title Patriot. Aside from his tours of duty, his loyalty and leadership transcends into his personal life as a husband and father. He watches every game he can cheering the Patriots on to the end. A true and loyal fan both to his New England Patriots and to the fellow Patriots that serve along with him in the armed forces." – Amy Yuhas

Nominate someone to be our next Hero of the Week!

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