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Cheers for Our Hero: U.S. Navy Veteran Albert J. Rusas Sr.

Congrats to Albert J. Rusas Sr., our Hero of the Week!


Congrats to U.S. Navy Veteran Albert J. Rusas Sr., our Hero of the Week! Albert's daughter nominated him with the submission below:

"I would like to honor my father Albert J Rusas Sr. as a hero. My father served in the U.S. Navy for over 22 years and served during both World War II and Korea. He has numerous medals for his engagements during both wars. My dad was aboard the South Dakota the day the treaty was signed with Japan, signaling the end of the war and a loss of many friends. My dad still prays for those that were lost and remembers the job they had to do while at sea. He and my mother are both from Massachusetts and big Patriots fans. My father is 87 years old, a humble man and a great dad to his seven children." – Debbie Rusas

Nominate someone to be our next Hero of the Week!

*Pictured Above: Albert, on left in uniform and on right in 2012

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