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Chiefs Postgame Quotes - 9/7/2008

Kansas City Chiefs players comment on their 17-10 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 7, 2008.

Brian Waters, Guard
*(On Brodie Croyle's injury)
*"We'll be able to find out tomorrow or Tuesday, but I expect him to bounce back. He's young; he should be able to bounce back quickly."

*(On changing quarterbacks)
*"Is it any different than the last few years? We've been able to bounce back and fight through. We know what we need to do and Damon [Huard] is a pro. We've seen what he can do and he knows this offense better than anybody. Our focus still hasn't changed. We still have to run the ball, we still have to complete third downs, and we have to do a better job of not doing so many three and outs."

Glen Dorsey, Defensive Tackle*(On Matt Cassel's 3rd down pass to Randy Moss from the Patriots 1-yard line)
*"It was a big play. If we could have gotten that stop, our offense would have been in a better situation to be successful. We have to look at it and learn from it and try to correct it for next week."

Tony Gonzalez, Tight End*(On the loss)
*"There're a lot more positives from this one. We are so young and we can play a lot better. There are some guys, without saying names, that can play better, and we will. It looks good as far as I'm concerned."

*(On play of Damon Huard)
*"He took advantage of his opportunities and [Dwayne] Bowe came up with a great catch. Obviously Damon brings experience, but I think Brodie [Croyle] played real well also."

*(On play of Dwayne Bowe)
*"I think it's part of that growing process. My second year, I dropped 17 balls. You come out with all these expectations after having a good rookie season and you put a lot of pressure on yourself. He makes great catches in practice and in games. He just needs to be more consistent and I know he will. He's going to be a great football player in this league."

Derrick Johnson, Linebacker*(On his sack)
*We blitzed up the middle. I can't take all the credit. I did some kind of stunt blitz with Pat Thomas. Pat took up the blocker for me and I came around.

*(On Brady and Cassel)
*"We were planning on him playing the whole game. You want to beat the best. When you knock a great quarterback out of the game, that is what you want, as a defense. Of course, we don't wish anything bad on him but as a defense you want the second guy in there. (Cassel) played better than I thought he was going to play. He played really good. He held up. He held his own."

*(On letting the game get away)
*"Big time. We had chances. We didn't seize opportunities. You can take some good out of this game. We are going to be disappointed a little bit but we still have 15 more games."

Larry Johnson, Running Back*(On the battle of his offensive line against the Patriots)
*"Those guys are real good, [Adalius] Thomas and [Richard] Seymour. Ty Warren, those guys are Pro Bowl guys so you are playing against a championship defense. That is what we faced out there. All of our guys were fighting hard and did a good job. They were going to play us hard all the way through. So, we had to keep pounding and pounding and hope for something to open up."

*(On the end of the game)
*"I was hoping for the goal line offense. We had to go five yards and I know I could jump for two or three. It is difficult, we have to go through what our game plan is to put the ball in the end zone. That was a crucial point in the game and I want the ball. I have been through it, Oakland twice, in crucial games where I have gotten the ball and put it in the end zone. But, different philosophy, different offensive system. It is tough.

*(On Brady)
*I just put my head down and I was like 'damn'. Coming off of a Super Bowl loss and coming in here with a lot to prove again… it hurt me because he is a good football player and a good person. It is tough to see someone go down like that in pain. Hopefully he can get back real soon."

Tamba Hali, Defensive End*(On the Patriots)
*"New England can run the ball and pass the ball. We just went out there and tried to execute our game plan. We watched a lot of tape on the other guy (Cassel) and we knew he was more of a scramble guy. But as far as the game plan we didn't change at all."

Nick Novak, Kicker*(On the field goal)
*"I was just trying to focus on having a good hit because of the direction we were going in. If I did not have a good hit, it was going to miss."

Jamaal Charles, Running Back*(On the game)
*"We could have done better; I think I could have done more to help the team out more.
We came out with the loss so I was not satisfied."

*(On his strengths)
*"I learned how to pick up blocks and the coach believed in me. I missed some today, it is my fault, and I have to apologize to Brodie."

*(On the running game)
*"I tried to make something happen, trying to just run the ball good and be a playmaker for the team. We were not satisfied. We could have moved the ball up the field a lot, but we didn't do our jobs so at the end we had one big play to go and we just didn't make it."

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